Thursday, August 14, 2014

You Stay Classy, Maryland

There's nothing classier than abortion.

That's why Pro-Choice Maryland is gearing up for their 25th Annual Evening of Chocolate Gala. This fundraiser helps the Maryland branch of NARAL continue their mission by "electing pro-choice candidates and defeating anti-choice politicians."

If you are pro-choice you are a candidate, but if you are "anti-choice" (pro-life) you are a politician.

People don't like politicians. They are self-serving individuals who return favors to those who put them in office. And yet, despite Pro-Choice Maryland's manipulation to make the anti-choice crowd the evil politicians, they are admitting to being one of those groups who put the politicians (sorry, the candidates) in office.

Their stated goal is to put their people in office, who will in turn keep their interests intact (abortion is a multi-billion dollar industry). There is nothing wrong with that; both sides do it, but it is disingenuous to make it seem like it is only "anti-choice" Conservatives who do it.

So how do they raise money to keep their candidates in office? By throwing a ritzy chocolate gala at a swanky locale. Perhaps while these generous donors are indulging in decadent chocolate, they will think about the 55 million babies who will never experience a candy bar.

Maybe during this event on September 20th they will consider that 4,000 babies were ripped from their mother's wombs that same day.

Sorry. Didn't mean to put a damper on this glamourous soiree. Back to the gala. How does one dress for such a venue? Is a black tie in order? New heals? Perhaps they will go more casual and attire themselves in the classy Planned Parenthood t-shirt that says, "I had an abortion." Yep. Another fundraiser.

You can easily end that sentence by pointing out that all she got was a truly lousy t-shirt. 

The doctor, of course, got a quick $2,000.

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