Saturday, December 6, 2014

Black Lives Matter

With all the attention surrounding the Michael Brown death and the decision by the Grand Jury to not indict Officer Wilson, protests have erupted across the country.

While many thugs are using this occasion to practice lawlessness and destroy private property, there are also many concerned citizens who are engaging in their Constitutional right to peacefully protest. Many see this as a race game—a white cop can kill any unarmed black kid and get away with it[1].

So the protests are supposed to be standing up for innocent black lives. Black pastors are using their pulpits to call for an indictment, and people ranging from news anchors to NFL players are calling attention to what they say is open season on young black kids.

The average person watching the news might think that the leading cause of death among black people is white cops. Quite the opposite. 93% of black homicides are at the hands of other black people. That should be something to protest about, but it receives little attention. That horrifying statistic is the result of fathers not in the home and the hip hop culture that promotes violence (especially with guns), drugs, and sex out of wedlock. That is the trifecta for poor performance in school, school drop-outs, poverty, and eventually crime.

But the worse stat of all is that the leading cause of death among blacks is not white cops, and it is not other blacks; the leading cause of death among blacks is abortion. More than 13 million black babies have been aborted since Roe v. Wade; that is more deaths than cancer, heart disease, violence, car accidents, and AIDS combined. The other five account for 4 million deaths since 1973—less than ¼ of the deaths caused by abortion.

It bothers me that the pastors and pundits would rather call out Darren Wilson than young girls who abort their own. They would rather rail against the cops than the young men who impregnate girls and flee the scene. They warn their audience about crooked law enforcement, but not about Planned Parenthood, which overwhelmingly moves into poor, black neighborhoods.

Don’t misunderstand me. If a cop or any other person wrongfully takes a black life, or any other innocent life, we should stand up and speak out. I believe black lives—and all lives—matter.

But it is not fair to ignore the young, innocent, unarmed black kids that are killed every day, in their own neighborhoods, by abortion doctors.

Because black lives matter, I am pro-life.

[1] The facts of this case do not support the “Hands up; Don’t shoot” narrative. All the forensic evidence indicates that Brown, who had just assaulted and burglarized a gas station clerk, also assaulted Officer Wilson and put the cop’s life in danger.


Anonymous said...

As a young black woman I am utterly disgusted by this post. I have a black husband and I would be the bearer of young black children and it really annoys me that white people like yourself do not see the effects of racism on not only black but other brown bodies as well. I'm disgusted that you as a pastor feel like it is okay to spew this type of nonsense towards the black community. Time and time again we as black people are blamed for our own deaths even though the facts show that a lot of white people fear us because of the color of our skin and we end up dead because of it. For the record black on black crime is the lowest it has ever been and it blows my mind that you would just skip over all of the facts of why my community is so broken. Racism is alive and well and that racism is what has continued to set not only the black community back but our nation as a whole. Instead of you blaming black people why don't you educate yourself and how your own people are the cause of these issues and try to better educate the people who look like you instead of bashing black people. What's so sad to me is that you are a pastor and there are people who see your words as truth and they will continue to spread these lies within your community and change will continue to be halted. You'll never know what it's like to be a black person in America so it would be great if you would check your privilege at the door and look at the bigger picture because it's drastically different to be black in this white American world. I'm not sure what facts of the case you're looking at but the Ferguson PD has been so inconsistent throughout the entire ordeal but of course that doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that Darren Wilson did not have a scratch or bruise on him even though he said Mike Brown beat him badly. It doesn't matter that the store owner has said time and time again that Brown did not steal anything from the store. Brown was surrendering several eyewitnesses have said that he had his hands up and was saying don't shoot. But of course those people were lying because black people are nothing but thugs who kill each other and kill their unborn babies! They had it coming! There's no way a white police officer could be lying on a black kid! We'll never know Brown's side of the story because Wilson did not give him that chance. He killed him! He killed a boy that wouldn't join the football team because he didn't want to hurt anyone. He killed a boy who was the same size as him but he was justified because it felt like he was a five year old facing hulk hogan. I just can't believe what I've seen but one day I hope you'll open your eyes to the truth. Even if you don't I'll still pray that God continues to bless you.

Tommy Mann said...

I’m very sorry if I offended you, but my post is not at all racist. You spoke of facts—the facts are what I said. The black population commits the highest percentage of abortions in this country. This was not an anti-black post; it is an anti-abortion post. We may disagree over the truth about what happened in Ferguson, but that was certainly not the point of my post.

Yes, I am a pastor, and it bothers me that there are not more pastors speaking out about abortion. You called me a racists, but your line that my “people are the cause of these issues” is a racists comment, as it appears you are blaming white people.

I grew up in a rough part of Orlando called Pine Hills. I grew up surrounded by black people. I went to a school that was 2% white. I know what it is like to be a minority; I have no “white privilege” to check; I have many black friends and family members. All of your assumptions about me are way off.

I don’t care what color a person is. I hate abortion and frequently write about it from many angles. This is pertinent, and the facts are true.

My post does not make black people the enemy. In fact, poor, black neighborhoods are taken advantage of by groups like Planned Parenthood. My post exposed them as well as the guys who impregnate girls and don’t stick around to raise the baby.

And by the way, you accused me of calling black people thugs. I only used that word to refer to the people burning down people’s houses, business, and stores. I don’t care what color a person is; if they burn down innocent people’s homes they are thugs.

Again, I’m sorry if I offended you because that was not the point. But there should not be a double standard. People should be just as upset (if not more upset) about those 13 million babies as they are about Mike Brown.

God bless you too.