Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A More Perfect Union: Fresh Seafood on Main

This installment of the series features one of the county’s newest restaurants, Fresh Seafood on Main. Located just off Main Street at 200 S. Gadberry, Fresh Seafood on Main serves lunch daily Tuesday through Saturday.

This establishment offers more than just lunch, though. Customers can dine in or carry out, but they can also leave with their own fish. On ice and under the glass in the restaurant is a variety of fresh fish that can be taken home to cook and eat. It’s that freshness that makes the food on the menu stand out.

Fresh Seafood offers a variety of catches, including steamed, fried or grilled flounder, tilapia, catfish, Florida bream, and ocean perch. They offer unique items like frog legs, calamari, oysters, and gator.

In addition to the regular menu they also have specials, like the honey teriyaki salmon, curry fish, and shrimp and grits. Non-seafood eaters can find hotdogs, turkey burgers, spaghetti, and Philly cheesesteaks.

Fresh Seafood on Main is helping to make a More Perfect Union by offering fish so fresh you’d think you were at the coast. Owner Stanley Clowney, Jr. turned his love for fishing into a market/restaurant combo that gives Union residents another reason to stay home and keep business local. Fresh Seafood on Main is a great catch for Union County.    

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