Thursday, April 7, 2016

A More Perfect Union: SC Works

One of the biggest needs in our county is jobs. We have people looking for work, as well as employers looking for a certain kind of employee. There is an organization working to bring together employees and employers, and that is why SC Works is being featured in this installment of A More Perfect Union.

Located at 103 W. Main Street, SC Works provides a place where those seeking employment can submit resumes, and where those seeking employees can ask for help. The staff works to find workers with the right qualifications for the right jobs, making the searching process much easier for both parties. They have a good rapport with the human resource departments around the county, giving them quick access to those doing the hiring.

In addition to simply providing potential employees with information, SC Works goes a step further, giving tips for what to do and what not to do in the interview process. Follow them on Facebook here to get the latest job postings, information, or tips about how to interview.

 Katherine Pendergrass takes her job seriously and will go above and beyond to help someone find employment. Her hard work and dedication to our county is helping to build a more perfect Union.     

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