Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why I Support the Balanced Budget Amendment

The Balanced Budget Amendment Resolution initiative is a movement to add this all-important amendment to the Constitution. It can be done, and it is very necessary, especially here in South Carolina.

For starters, 34 states are needed to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment Resolution in order to use a limited Article V Convention of States method to give the people power to make this work. 28 states have already passed the BBAR, leaving only 6 states needed. South Carolina is very capable of being among the next to pass the Resolution. If elected in November I will work to make sure that happens.

Why do we need the BBAR? Our federal debt is out of control. Whenever I’m asked what the biggest need for our country, state, or district, I always mention fixing the debt. National security is vital, but we can’t combat the enemy or secure our borders if we cannot afford to. The same can be said of any other need. We have to get our debt under control.

We are currently $19.3 trillion in debt; that amounts to $161,000 per taxpayer, and the debt is only growing. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, Congress will continue to borrow another trillion and a half dollars a year.

Can you run your house like that? Can you run your business like that? You and I don’t get to spend money we don’t have—especially not other people’s money. Our states don’t even get to do that. Only the United States Congress can be more than a trillion dollars in the red each year.

With a balanced budget amendment, we can stop borrowing money and begin to pay off our debt.  

Congress could work on a balanced budget amendment if they wanted to, but they clearly have no desire. That’s why the states must act and give the power back to the people. I have signed the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force pledge to help make South Carolina the next state to move us closer to using Article V.

With your support and vote in November we can make this happen. We can tell Congress to only spend what they take in, to eliminate the unconscionable waste, and to stop passing debt on to our children and grandchildren.

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