Friday, December 30, 2016

Accepting God's Call

In 2015 I wrote Answering God's Call, a 15-part Bible study through the book of Exodus. The book's name came from the famous encounter between God and Moses at the burning bush, where Moses reluctantly answered the call to demand Pharaoh release the Hebrew slaves.

As Moses would discover, saying yes to God was only the beginning. He obeyed by agreeing to do what God required, but he had to daily choose to obey for the final forty years of his life. Having already answered God's call, Moses now had to accept the call by living it out.

Accepting God's Call is another 15-part study, covering the books of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Each chapter includes five discussion questions that can be used for personal edification or in small group studies.

From a talking donkey and a bronze snake, to celebratory feasts and Nazarite vows, this study will give you a deeper appreciation for the God who has called you to follow Him.

The paperback is available here, and the eBook here.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Tommy Mann Ministries is Back

In 2009 we created Tommy Mann Ministries with the release of All the Law (which is now available in Spanish, I might add). Six books and a lot of ministry projects later, I had to make a tough decision. On the last day of 2015 I shut down the ministry that I thoroughly enjoyed. In 2016 I officially became a candidate for office, and as I explained on here at the time, it would be impossible for me to run a not-for-profit while fundraising for a campaign. I didn't want to have any conflicts of interest (see: Clinton Foundation), nor did I want to even be accused of any violations.

Now that I am no longer a candidate for office, you know, because I lost the election, we are re-launching the ministry. Tommy Mann Ministries will kick off with the release of the book I wrote during the campaign, Accepting God's Call (more on that book later).

In the spirit of full discloser, a spirit that I am fond of, I want to be clear about what this ministry will be. From 2009-2015 it was a full not-for-profit. For five years I never made a penny off the sale of any books. $1 from each book went straight to Phillipi, the church that employed me and allowed me to write and pursue a passion on the side. The rest of the money was used for ministry expenses and to support other ministry projects.

In 2016, without TMM (and for a while unemployed), book sales were a source of income, modest as they were.

Now the ministry will be a hybrid of both formulas. $1 from every book sold will go to Putman, the church that now employs me and allows me to pursue a passion on the side. We will pick right back up with the ministry projects, although we never stopped the prison ministry or helping in the fight for the unborn. The only difference is this time I will be paid by the ministry, also $1 per book.

Any donations made to the ministry will be used exclusively for ministry projects, just as they always were. I hope that something we do here can be a blessing to you.