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Your Own Psalm 95

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The World to Come

  Many Christians, myself included, believe in the future Millennial Kingdom, a 1,000-year period where Jesus will reign on earth. His rule will not end after the thousand years; that is when the devil will be cast into the lake of fire and then eternity will begin.   Some Christians, called  amillenialists,  do not believe this kingdom will be literal. They believe we are living in that period right now, and Jesus reigns from heaven, not earth. The 1,000 years, they say, is figurative.   To this claim I would point out that Revelation 20 describes this kingdom and it uses the words “thousand years” six times in seven verses. That seems literal to me. Also, during the Millennial Kingdom it says Satan is bound, and I don’t think anyone would claim that Satan is bound now. Peter said he is roaming the earth like a lion seeking prey (1 Peter 5:8).   But I would also like to point out Hebrews 2:5, which says, “For it was not to angels that God subjected the world to come, of which we are s

Speak what is Right

  How well do you represent God? Do you ever tell people what you think God is like, or what you think God wants someone to do?    I hear people affirm sin by saying, “God gave you those feelings.” “God wants you to be happy.” “Hey, God understands. He made you that way.” These sentiments almost always are tied to something unbiblical. Whenever we speak for God, we had better make sure we represent Him according to His word, and not according to the wisdom of this world.    Do you remember Job’s friends? In the book that bears his name, Job loses everything in a short time—his children, his fortune, his health, and his reputation. In his culture it was believed that if a person lived right, they would be blessed; any suffering in life had to be a sign that God was punishing them for something. So Job’s friends showed up to help him, and their help was scolding him for his secret sin and imploring him to just come clean and repent. When Job insisted he had no sin from which to repent, t

Jesus is Better

  The unknown author of Hebrews went to great lengths to tell us that Jesus is better. Using the word better 13 times in 13 chapters, the author shows that Jesus is better than Moses, Aaron, Joshua, and Melchizedek; He gave a better promise, made a better sacrifice, mediated and better covenant, serves from a better temple, and is a better priest.    In the opening chapter Jesus is shown to be better than the angels, which the Jews held in very high regard. Alluding to Deuteronomy 32:43, the author reminds his audience that the angels worship Jesus, not the other way around: “And again, when he brings the firstborn into the world, he says, ‘Let all God’s angels worship him (Hebrews 1:6).’”   The Jews’ obsession with the angels bordered on the line of worshipping them. I realize you probably don’t struggle with the temptation to worship angels, but maybe you feel the pull to do something “religious.” The Hebrew Christians were battling the thought that Jesus was not enough, and that the

Final Letter from the Trenches

  Victory is almost ours! I cannot begin to express to you my excitement concerning the progress we are making. Much of the training we have done has been about learning routine things. If I am honest, for a while I found this training monotonous, but now I am beginning to see how it was all part of the bigger plan.    We have been learning to trust our Commander and to march in His footsteps each day. This routine was meant to build our confidence to the point that we no longer have to think; we just react and do what we have been trained to do.    We have also been learning how to use the equipment at our disposal. We have learned the proper techniques to defend ourselves against the enemy. Yes, he is a ruthless tyrant, and his soldiers are well trained, but our equipment is superior, and when we properly avail ourselves of it, it can protect us from even the strongest of attacks.    But now, beyond the equipment for our defense, I am becoming skilled with my weapon. When I was first

A Third Letter from the Trenches

  I have some good news! I’m afraid that my previous letters may have come across with a touch of despair. I don’t mean to complain. Sometimes I just have to put my feelings on paper, but I realize they might not be the best letters for my family to read.   But not this week. I have been eager to put my pen to paper and express to you the good news we have received. Peace is within reach. I cannot speak for what the enemy will do, but I am at complete peace, as are the other soldiers in our unit. We know that we are doing what we are supposed to do, and we are at peace with our Commander.     The battle is still raging on, but it is different. Somehow we all know everything will turn out alright. The enemy is still trying his same old tricks, but they have not been as effective as of late. His fiery arrows are extinguished as soon as we raise our shields.    Individually our shields provide defense, but when we all band together in formation our shields form an impenetrable wall. The m

Another Letter from the Trenches

    The fog of war makes things hard to see. Sometimes I find myself doubting what is really in front of me. Are my eyes playing tricks on me? At times I see the enemy when no one is there, and at other times I think I am alone and the enemy comes out of nowhere.    That is one of the enemy’s tactics. He tries to mess with our minds, using propaganda to gaslight us. He wants us to doubt why we are actually in this war. He wants us to doubt our Commander. He is constantly asking, “Did your Commander  really  say…?”    It sounds so stupid when I write it, but in those moments I almost feel like I am going to fall for it. I must admit there are times when I start to think that maybe my Commander is holding out on us. He promised to never leave us or forsake us on this battlefield, but sometimes when the bullets are flying, I’m not sure that I see him.    No. I can’t think this way. I know that is what the enemy wants. I won’t fall into his trap. This is psychological warfare, and those tr