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GOP Election Kickoff Speech

Together, we can demand better. I chose these five words to be the slogan for our campaign because I believe them to be a necessity. The first two words evoke plurality: together, we. It is not I, you, or me—it is we, together. I can’t do this without you. Together, we can demand; we have to make our voices heard. We have to make our votes count. Together, we can demand better. We aren’t saying that the system is broken, but neither are we pretending it is perfect. We have a chance—a duty—to make improvements. Together, we can demand better for schools. As a substitute teacher in my second year with the Union County School District I have seen firsthand what underfunding has done for our students. I realize that the solution is greater than simply throwing more money at the problem, but I also believe we consistently get short changed when money is allocated from Columbia. While larger districts understandably get a bigger piece of the pie, we are left having to do