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God and Science

Recently one of my atheist friends posted this picture on Facebook: If you can’t read it, it says: God left him to die, but then, Science and medicine! The caption goes on to explain that nurses, not God or miracles, are what led this child from starvation to nutrition. To me, this is like the classic story of the man in the flood. The whole town is told to evacuate because a major flood is coming, but one stubborn man refuses to leave because God would take care of him. After the flood began, rescue workers came by in a boat and offered him a ride. The man refused, saying God would take care of him. Eventually the man was sitting on his roof as the flood waters rose, and the National Guard flew over in a helicopter. Once again, the man refused help, saying God would save him. The waters continued to rise, and the man drowned. When he got to heaven the stubborn man asked God why he didn’t save him. God replied, “I gave meteorologists the ability

The Legend of the Candy Cane

You may have heard the popular story of the origin of the candy cane. It’s a great story about a candy maker from Indiana who set out to create a piece of candy that would tell the true meaning of Christmas. As the story goes, this man called his creation the Christmas Candy Cane, but unfortunately the name was later reduced and the word Christmas was left out. The story includes all of the ideas that went into the finished product. The cane is shaped like a shepherd’s staff, which symbolizes the shepherds who visited the baby Jesus on the first Christmas; it also symbolizes that Jesus became our Good Shepherd. And if you turn the cane upside down, the staff becomes the letter J, which stands for Jesus. The candy is very hard, reminding us that Jesus is the rock of our salvation. The candy was originally pure white, just as the Christ Child lived a pure life. But the candy maker was not satisfied with a simple white cane, so he added the color red. Red was cho

The Fairy Tale of Evolution

  Is evolution science or fairy tale? We could debate the science end of the question; after all, science must follow the scientific method, which requires being observable and repeatable. Who has observed or repeated the Big Bang? But what I want to really focus on is the religious end of the question. Evolution is philosophical. It is a way of thinking more than a provable system. It invites its followers to shrug off God as a prerequisite for membership into its elite club. The reason I bring this up is to counter the claim that Christianity and the belief in an Intelligent Designer is far fetched. We are told that the science points towards evolution, and that anyone who rejects their science (fraudulent and circular, though it may be) believes in fairy tales. Let’s put on hold for a minute the fact that the universe screams Intelligent Design. Let’s forget for just a moment that molecular biology shows us cells far too complex ( irreducibly complex) to have

God's Mercy even in a School Shooting

I have never used my Blogger app to post a new blog, but I am out running errands and have a heavy heart. The school shooting in Connecticut that claimed 26 lives is horrifying. There are so many things that make this tragic. So close to Christmas. School administrators killed. Young children. And this event accounts for more deaths than any other school shooting in history. I hope you will join me in lifting all involved up in prayer, and I wish I had something profound to say, but I don't. I do want to remind everyone that God is still with us, and He is very much in control. Also, I think that right now we can cling to the age of accountability now more than ever. Every young child who lost his life today was immediately ushered into the presence of Jesus.* It is so important that we each understand the age of accountability, and in a time like this it demonstrates the mercy of God in the face of tragedy. These children could have been the children of God-deniers or Go

A Steady Fight Against Abortion

When writing about Elijah appointing Elisha to be his successor in 1 Kings 19, Warren Wiersbe made the following statement: “No one generation can do everything, but each generation must see to it that people in the next generation are called and trained and that the tools are made available for them to continue the work of the Lord [1] .”   No one generation can do everything. Wiersbe is exactly right in that regard, and this applies to many different battles that we might find ourselves in. One battle that I have stayed committed to is over the lives of the unborn. Some have thrown in the towel. Some have thrown their hands in the air in desperation. “What’s the use? We will never overturn Roe.” I know that this has been a long, frustrating battle, but we can’t lose heart. I realize that the Supreme Court is not going to rule on this matter again any time soon, but there is more to it than that. Instead of viewing this as an insurmountable c