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Fifty Shades: Merging the "black-and-white" in "Grey"

By now you are probably familiar with the book series that is polarizing social media. I am, of course, talking about 50 Shades of Grey. But that is not really what I am talking about. I am not going to weigh in on the book (if you want a good opinion, here is one that I enjoyed). I want to look beyond the book at a phenomenon that is overtaking our culture. For so long we have understood simple things to be “black and white” issues. Remember when your word and a handshake served as a binding agreement? Now high priced lawyers are experts at finding loopholes in written documents. They call these loopholes “gray areas.” You were probably raised on the fact that lying is wrong. Now we want to debate if lying is ok in some instances (we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, for example). I could go on, but I think I made my point. Whether it is an erotic book, a crude sitcom, a steamy cinema, a “fun” song, or anything else, ask yourself if you have to create a gr

Just Another Birthday

If you haven’t heard the song Just Another Birthday from Casting Crown’s newest CD (Come to the Well), please read these lyrics: Sixteen finds me blowing out candles and making wishes And all around me is everyone but the one I'm wishing for And he sent me flowers and gift-wrapped excuses From a daddy whose daughter wants to see him again And I know, I know it's just another birthday But I guess I thought this would be the one When he would call me, see me, hold me and free me But it's just another birthday, and I'll be fine Nineteen finds me and I'm wild-eyed and wide open I gave myself away to love but backseat promises fade like a mist I'm screaming at the midnight air. Everyone hears me but I don't care My heart's clenched just like a fist ‘cause, people, I didn't ask for any of this And I know, I know it's just another birthday But I guess I thought this would be the one When he would call me, see

What You Need to Know About Bible Prophecy

The book What You Need to Know About Bible Prophecy by Max Anders is one installment of his ten part series called What You Need to Know. This book is published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. Anders’ book can be used as a Bible study course, complete with not only 12 lessons, but with discussion questions, fill in the blanks, information for additional study, and “speed bumps” to slow down and focus on the main point. This book was not written as a way to say that the author has cracked the code of Bible prophecy; Anders humbly presents multiple viewpoints and lets the reader decide for himself. Anders, who was the general editor of the Holman Bible Commentary, has a high view of the authority of inspired Scripture, so he rejects prophecy that does not have it’s roots in the Word of God. In this book Anders tackles some of the biggest biblical prophecies, such as the rapture, judgments, the afterlife, and the Millennium. He presents the leading schools of thought wit

Book Review and Discount

My 8th grade Creative Writing teacher, Mrs. Henry, was kind enough to write a review of my newest book  Asleep in Heaven's Nursery  on her blog Create 4 Christ. You can read it  here . If you decide to purchase the book after reading her review, then you can get a 20% discount by going to my  store  and using the code 20off. Thanks for stopping by!

Narrow-Minded Christians

To be narrow-minded means that a person has a limited perspective, or that he refuses to consider a viewpoint different from his own. I often hear Christians being accused of being narrow minded. Is this true? Our classrooms teach that the world came into existence accidentally, without any sort of Creator involved. If Christians reject this then they are narrow-minded. Our culture teaches that all religions are the same, and as long as people are sincere then everyone will be fine in the end. If Christians reject this then they are narrow-minded. Our churches teach that there are no absolutes, that no one can know anything for sure (which assumes that the one saying that knows something for sure), even when it comes to the Bible. If Christians reject this then they are narrow-minded. Does this make Christians narrow-minded? Yes! Think about this: the evolutionist has a broad view, allowing for endless amounts of guessing in the name of science to in

Interview With Brandy Allison

Last week I interviewed new Christian recording artist Brandy Allison. Her debut album, as well as music video, have just been released, and she has graciously agreed to give away a copy of her new CD through this blog. To enter the contest for the free CD you only need to do 2 things: either like her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter, and then comment here that you did. It's that simple. After 2 weeks a winner will be randomly chosen. But first, here is a chance to get to know Brandy: When did you know you wanted to be a recording artist?    I’ve always dreamed of being a recording artist since the age of 3.   I sang in Country music all my life, touring the South East with bands, ect.   Every night in the lime light singing country music I use to say to myself “There is no purpose to this.” I lost focus. Then I got married to my husband in 2005.   I decided to go on the road with him, and be a housewife. I wanted a family more than a music career