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Defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood, the world’s leading provider of abortions, has been caught in three embarrassing hidden camera sting videos, which show doctors secretly negotiating the sale of babies’ body parts. To add further disgust to the scenario, two of the meetings take place in nice restaurants, where doctors are causally sipping fine wine and eating salads while discussing their illegal practices. In the videos the doctors discus how they go the extra mile to “crush” the babies’ heads, ensuring that the vital organs and extremities are good enough to sell. One doctor admits to changing the method of abortion without the mothers’ consent in order to get the best parts to sell; she acknowledges the illegality of her technique, but said she isn’t worried about it. The most stunning line in the videos shows a doctor laughing about her illegal negotiations, quipping that she needs a Lamborghini. When asked to throw out a number she wants for the dismembered body parts, she reminds t

Future (Google Image Series)

I thought it was just a glob of tissue. To say the baby has a future is to admit that all babies in the womb have a future. Those proud pro-choice activists are proudly robbing children of their future. What if that baby you aborted was a future president, Nobel prize winner, or the one to cure cancer? We don't know. That's what happens when you destroy an innocent person's future before we have the chance to find out.

Safe? (Google Image Series)

The shirt says, "I'm grateful my friend's abortion was safe and legal. Safe for who? Depending on the method of legal abortion, the baby was either dismembered, decapitated, or poisoned, violently stopping a beating heart. The shirt should say, "I'm glad my friend legally murdered her baby."