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Hillary: Unborn Persons Have No Rights

Hillary Clinton made a shocking admission on NBC’s Meet the Press.   When speaking of the unborn, she said, “The unborn person does not have Constitutional rights.” She went on to add that no laws or practices include, “sacrificing the mother’s right to make decisions.” This is a major statement because abortion rights groups refuse to use any words that will “humanize the fetus, ” and person is about as human as it gets. “Person” has become a legal word, not merely referring to homo sapiens, but to those human beings who are entitled to Constitutional rights. Clinton’s comments served as an oxymoron; one cannot be both a person and not entitled to Constitutional rights. As science has begun to definitively prove that the “fetus” is very much alive inside the womb, abortion activists have had to alter their approach. Many no longer insist that the fetus is just a “clump of cells,” but argue instead against personhood. Hillary’s husband, former President Bill Clinton