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Happy Holidays!

Everybody realizes by now that the terribly offensive phrase Merry Christmas has been subtly removed from practically everything, and I will admit that I understand the reasoning. When I check out at a store and a person tells me "Happy Holidays" I politely respond with a "Merry Christmas." They have the right to say happy holidays, and I have the right to say merry Christmas. I disagree with the conscientious effort to remove references to Christmas (let's just be honest, holiday lights just sounds stupid; you don't decorate for the holidays, you decorate for Christmas), but there is a freedom of speech that cannot be ignored. With that said, on the day after Christmas (excuse me, the day after holiday) someone told me "Happy New Year." Wait a minute, what if New Year offends me? It is no secret that I don't watch the ball drop or even stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve, so I shouldn't have to suffer through a cashier tellin