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Bats and Birds in the Bible

One of the supposed errors in the Bible that atheists are trained to use against Christians is that the Bible wrongly refers to birds as bats. This is one of those assumed discrepancies that are used to discredit the Bible. If the Bible is wrong about a bat, they argue, then we can reject what it says about homosexuality, hell, Creation, Calvary, or whatever else they are trying to oppose. Here are the verses in question: In a list of birds that the Israelites were not allowed to eat, we see, “Nor the heron, nor the lapwing, nor the bat (Leviticus 11:19, Deuteronomy 14:18).” People rightly point out that the bat is a mammal and not a bird. Therefore, they conclude, that the Bible is wrong. But please let me point out two things, one obvious, and the other not so obvious. The obvious: these passages were written in Hebrew 4,000 years ago, translated into Greek a few thousand years later, and translated into English a few hundred years ago. The system we have

What to do Now

Some of our Christian brothers and sisters here in South Carolina are wondering what to do now in light of the Supreme Court ruling last Friday. Christian business owners are worried that they will be forced to do something contrary to their belief system, and many are nervous that new rules will be imposed against the church. While the First Amendment not only guarantees us the freedom of religion, it also says that Congress shall not prohibit the free exercise thereof. That means that we have the right to conduct our daily lives in accordance with God’s Word. But we have already seen a gay couple threaten to sue a church if they don’t open their doors for their gay wedding. We have seen bakers and photographers put out of business for refusing to violate their conscience (or refusing to allow Congress to prohibit the free exercise of their religion). Instead of finding a wedding chapel that will hold their ceremony, or instead of going to any of the hundreds of othe

Use it Right (Google Image Series)

One might also say, "If you ignore the New Testament's clear teaching that homosexuality is wrong, you're using it wrong." And in reference to the verse about love, true love warns a person of the error of their ways. What happened to loving a person enough to care about the consequences of their wrong choices? It does more harm to let disobedience go unchecked in the name of love.

Charleston vs. Ferguson

We all know about the protests that have taken place in cities like Ferguson and Baltimore in recent months due to the deaths of Mike Brown and Freddie Gray. But after an evil young man in South Carolina murdered nine people in Charleston last week, the response has been the exact opposite of that of recent events. Charleston had all the ingredients to lead to another Ferguson, but that hasn’t been the case. Charleston has had its demonstrations: candle lightings, prayer vigils, marches, laying flowers, etc. But there has been no violence, no buildings burned down, no stolen cars, no looting, and no assaulting of police officers—all things done in Ferguson and Baltimore. What has made the difference? Leadership is certainly a factor. Governor Nikki Haley and Senator Tim Scott are great people showing strong leadership. But the response of the victims’ families in Charleston has been most noteworthy. When given the opportunity to address their loved ones’ killer, the

Pro-Abortionists Hate Science

One of the classic broad misrepresentations used against Christianity is that we hate science. By hating science they mean we reject their pseudo-science called Darwinian evolution.  Although we could easily counter that they hate science for neglecting the scientific method or embracing a belief system in direct opposition to Thermodynamics, a much better response is to point out the most glaring hatred of science espoused by atheists and liberals alike. These champions of science hurriedly change their tune when it comes to the unborn. Ultrasound technology, embryology, neonatology, and DNA studies continue to confirm that life begins inside the womb, most likely at conception.  But liberals are quick to brush this science to the side and remain beholden to their belief system--the same thing they accuse Christians of doing. They love abortion because it is a billion dollar industry, so they repeat their anti-science claims of "Its just a blob of cells."

Constitution (Google Image Series)

That's correct, the Constitution does not use those words. But the preamble to the Declaration of Independence states, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…" These truths (that we were created  by a Higher Power, not evolved by random chance) are self-evident. That means that this was the commonly-accepted belief (and is still common sense today). When something is commonly believed by the vast majority, the Constitution would not need to contain those words. This is like saying that the menu at McDonald's never uses the words hungry or thirsty. That is presupposed before someone goes to a restaurant. Furthermore, the First Amendment to the Constitution states, " Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ."The Constitution was written with an understanding that God is the Cr