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Don't Give Up; Stand Up

If you are a person who has biblical values, you may sometimes feel like you are on the losing side. From an out-of-control Supreme Court to a politically correct social media culture that demonizes anyone who doesn’t worship Caitlyn Jenner, this world seems to stand in stark contrast to our deeply held Christian convictions. That’s why I was encouraged by two events this past weekend. The first was the We Stand With God Pro-Life Rally at the Statehouse in Columbia on Saturday. The Facebook event page had 535 confirmed people for attendance, but when we arrived we were blown away by the more than 10,000 who showed up. With Bibles and lawn chairs in hand, we sat in the South Carolina heat in the hottest part of the day, standing occasionally for ovations. A choir of more than a thousand voices, along with a Southern Gospel quartet led the outdoor congregation in worship. Speakers like former Texas Governor Rick Perry, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and our own Senator Tim Scott made

Josh Duggar and Bristol Palin

I am not defending the actions of Josh Duggar or Bristol Palin. Josh Duggar, of 19 Kids and Counting fame, has admitted to being “the world’s biggest hypocrite;” this confession was made after the stunning allegations that the oldest Duggar child had subscribed to an online adultery site, and his own admission to a pornography addiction and infidelity to his wife. This story came just weeks after Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol announced she is pregnant with her second child, making her the unmarried mother of two, with two different fathers for her children. Both Josh and Bristol are the famous children of famous parents; both espouse the Christian faith of their parents; both have entered the professional arena to advocate for their belief system; and sadly, both have spent years not living up to those same beliefs they promote. Josh Duggar recently resigned his position with the Family Research Council, where he advocated for traditional marriage. Obviously, trad