Thursday, August 2, 2018

Trump, Kavanaugh, and Roe

President Donald Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has caused the national conversation to turn once again to Roe v. Wade. Supporters of abortion are nervous that this right might be taken away, while those of us who rightly believe that abortion kills an unborn child would love to see this slaughter brought to a halt.

In my book which was released last Friday (Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery, 2nd Edition) I included a new chapter that deals with why the Judicial and Legislative Branches need to act. I analyze the majority opinion in Roe, highlighting Justice Blackmun’s conclusion that the Court disagreed with any notion that a woman should be able to have an abortion at any time and for any reason, and how women should have a consultation from a responsible doctor before having an abortion. The abortion business has taken us light years away from that decision.

Most people think the Supreme Court waded knee-deep in science and expert opinions before issuing its ruling; the reality is there was no settled science, nor was there a consensus among religious institutions. What the Supreme Court called for was an agreement from the religious community, for scientific data, and for legislation from lawmakers. Now 45 years later, the science could not be clearer, and the faith-based communities could not be more in agreement that life begins at conception. Now it is time for the law to change.

Many think the Supreme Court saw a woman’s right to kill her baby in the Constitution, but again, the majority opinion shows us otherwise. Blackmun conceded that the unborn child’s right to life would trump the mother’s right to privacy, but in 1973 there was no way to prove that the unborn child was alive. Now we know they are alive, and by Blackmun’s own words, the baby’s right to live should trump the mother’s “my body, my choice” mantra.

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