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Bring Your Bible

Bringing your Bible to church is becoming a lost art. Do we really need our Bibles at church? Imagine that I invited you over to my house for a dinner that I prepared. After the main course I pull out the recipe and begin to read you all the ingredients; it all sounds good until I get to the last one: rat poison. You think I’m joking, but I insist. Or maybe I mention some ingredient that I know you are severely allergic to. Or maybe I mention something that violates your diet. The only one of us that knows the truth is the one who is holding the recipe. And when we are listening to a sermon, the only ones who know the truth are the ones who can follow along in their Bible. In many cases the preacher is the only one with a Bible, and is therefore the one who posses all access to truth. But wait! His text is on the projector screen. Which was typed by a person. Possibly the preacher himself. I’m not saying that he his trying to deceive anybody, but he is human and capable o