Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Everybody realizes by now that the terribly offensive phrase Merry Christmas has been subtly removed from practically everything, and I will admit that I understand the reasoning. When I check out at a store and a person tells me "Happy Holidays" I politely respond with a "Merry Christmas." They have the right to say happy holidays, and I have the right to say merry Christmas. I disagree with the conscientious effort to remove references to Christmas (let's just be honest, holiday lights just sounds stupid; you don't decorate for the holidays, you decorate for Christmas), but there is a freedom of speech that cannot be ignored.

With that said, on the day after Christmas (excuse me, the day after holiday) someone told me "Happy New Year." Wait a minute, what if New Year offends me? It is no secret that I don't watch the ball drop or even stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve, so I shouldn't have to suffer through a cashier telling me to have a happy new year, should I?

If "happy holidays" is just a generic way of summing up all of the occasions of the season, then why are they allowed to specifically mention New Years? Let's just call it what it is and admit that this is an anti-Christian way of removing the birth of Christ from our culture.

If we cannot acknowledge Christmas, then why did I not get my mail on December 25th (or 24!)? If I were an atheist I would be a little offended that the government is honoring the holiday.

If we are going to be this immature as a nation then from now on there should be no more references to Valentine's Day, Martin Luther King Jr., Day, President's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, or any other event. Either they are all merely holidays, or they are to be recognized for what they are. Christmas is a holy day, and whether society likes it or not, Jesus was born. The government tried to put a stop to it back then, so we should not expect anything different now.

Happy New Year!

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