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Answering God's Call: The Mission of Moses

God called Moses at the burning bush, and Moses faithfully answered that call for the rest of his life. This 15-part study covers the book of Exodus, and each chapter includes discussion questions. Perfect for small groups, Bible studies, or personal edification, Answering God's Call  takes the reader from Egypt to Sinai while following the Mission of Moses. Answering God's Call  begins in Egypt with the Hebrews in slavery, then chronicles Moses as a baby, a fugitive, a shepherd, and finally, a deliverer. You can order it here . Just like with What Now? , 100% of the book sales go towards Philippi Baptist Church's debt retirement. For more information on book proceeds from Tommy Mann Ministries, read this post .

Think Harder (Google Image Series)

Doesn't the ability to think prove the existence of God? If you want to think hard, try thinking about thinking. How do you think? The scientific community has no generally accepted idea as to what thinking is and how thoughts are created. If you believe, then, that this mind-boggling idea called thinking is the result of some random chance luckiness, then you can conclude there is no God. But if you get the hunch that there just might be some intelligent design involved, then grab a cookie and admit there is a God.

Friday-Sunday: Three Days?

Each year around Easter I hear people ask the same question: How was Jesus dead for three days? After all, Friday night to Sunday morning hardly constitutes three days. This has led to some confusion, causing some to speculate that Jesus either died earlier in the week, or that Scripture got the event wrong. First of all, we need to stress that the Bible teaches the Resurrection would occur on the third day, not in three days. Who decided that Jesus needed to be in the tomb for a minimum of 72 hours in order for Scripture to be accurate?  Consider Matthew 16:21, which predicted Jesus would, “be killed and be raised the third day.” Also consider that Matthew 17:23, 20:19, 27:64, Mark 9:31, 10:34, Luke 9:22, 18:33, 24:7, 24:21, 24:46, Acts 10:40, and 1 Corinthians 15:4 all teach the Resurrection on the third day. This is easy to reconcile. Jesus died and was buried on Friday before sundown, marking the first day—not 24 hours, but the first day. Saturday was the second