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Wind and Window Flower

One of my favorite poems by Robert Frost is Wind and Window Flower, which goes in part like this: Lovers, forget your love, and list to the love of these: She a window flower, and he a winter breeze. Perchance he half prevailed to win her for the flight, From the fire-lit looking glass and warm stove-window light. But the flower leaned aside and thought of naught to say, And morning found the breeze a hundred miles away.* Despite being a person who likes to be on stage, I have always struggled in one-on-one conversations. I would rather talk to a thousand people than one person. In high school I often used this poem as motivation to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I never wanted to be like that flower, who, thinking of nothing to say, missed out on what could have been a life-changing relationship. Today this poem reminds me to share the gospel. If I choose to keep my mouth closed, morning might find that person a hundred miles away.

Mr. President, Don’t Compare Me to ISIS

At the Presidential Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, President Obama seemingly equated Christians with ISIS. 48 hours after the world watched in horror as ISIS thugs burned a Jordanian man alive, the President warned of Christians being on a “high horse,” and called for them to remember their own shortcomings. While the free world is still waiting for Mr. Obama to actually do something about this disgusting evil presence, we will have to settle for another lecture; ironically, this condescending lecture included a call for humility.   The President cited the Crusades as a time when people did horrible things in the name of Christ. He specifically mentioned Christ over and over, yet has still never identified terrorists as doing their evil in the name of Allah or Mohammed. Today he said their evil is done in the name of “religion.” The problem with using the Crusades against Christians is three-fold. 1, the Crusades were a thousand years ago; 2, the Crusades were done b