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Freedom Tide by Chad Connelly

  Freedom Tide by Chad Connelly is a book that should be found in the homes of every American family. This short book is to the point, well researched and documented, and written is such plain English that anyone can follow along. This book establishes the Judeo-Christian values that shaped this country, traces how we have moved away from our moral roots, and beautifully defines and contrasts liberalism versus conservatism. Connelly’s belief in the free market system is made clear throughout his book, which ends with a call to action for the reader. On our Judeo-Christian founding: “The Pilgrims started something special in America—with their sacrifices they lit a freedom fire that has burned brightly for over 380 years…People come from all over the world to see what makes our country special. The Pilgrims with their faith and courage lit a little flame that people today will still die to reach.” “Our Founding Fathers relied on the Bible, early text books quot