Monday, January 4, 2010

The Peace Symbol

The peace symbol has re-emerged into our culture, but this time around it is not being used in the same way that the anti-war crowd last used it. Today we see the peace symbol primarily on clothes and jewelry marketed towards junior high girls. It has become a fashion symbol instead of a peace symbol. But was it always a symbol of peace?

If a person were to do a basic study on the origin of the peace symbol, most people would conclude that the symbol was birthed for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in 1958 by the British artist Gerald Holtom. However, Holtom was an anti-Christian artist who was fully aware that the symbol was not original to him.

Most people believe the peace symbol to be a harmless relic from decades ago, or at worst, simply a symbol of world peace. Unfortunately, the symbol means much more that.

The “peace symbol” can be found etched into the gravestones of Hitler’s SS officers
and it was engraved into the shields of the Saracens in A.D. 711, used to symbolize the “breaking of the Christians.” There is no denying the fact that Hitler was certainly not a peace activist.

The symbol did not originate with Hitler though. It actually has its origin in ancient Rome. In fact, the famous emperor Nero himself is credited with having developed this two thousand year old symbol.

Who was Nero? He was perhaps the worst Christian killer of all time. Nero made a decree that anyone who claimed to be a follower of Jesus of Nazareth would be put to death. The emperor, who believed that he was god, used Christians to light up his parties…literally. He had them dipped in oil, tied to a stake, and burned alive. These Christian street lights lined his garden for his outdoor parties.

The most famous of all of his executions was Simon Peter, the apostle and disciple of Jesus. Have you ever heard a Christian suggest that the peace symbol is an “upside down broken cross”? Consider the fact that Nero crucified Peter upside down, on a V-shaped cross. Instead of the traditional method of affixing the arms outstretched and the feet overlapping, Nero developed the upside down V, with the arms over the head. The symbol was used back then to refer to “the broken Christian” or “the broken Jew.”

Those who opposed Christ were supposed to be responsible for all the violence and problems in the world. By eliminating the Christians, it was believed, there would be peace.

It is obvious that the peace symbol is anti-Christian in its origin, so why has it become a fashion symbol? This too is obvious. It is for the same reason that saving the planet, evolution, abortion, homosexuality, and whatever else the Left will cook up are shoved down our children’s throats. Adults who can think for themselves are smart enough to realize there had to be a Creator, so our children are indoctrinated in the public schools.

As parents, we need to realize that Satan is after our children, and he will use whatever avenue it takes to get them. Whether it is in the science book, on the Disney Channel, or sewn into their clothes, he is trying to brainwash them on to his side. This is why we have to pay attention.

Peace out.


bmann24 said...

Interesting. I had always heard that the peace symbol was the upside-down broken cross, but never heard any real reason why anyone believed this. I had certainly never heard about the symbol being placed on Nazi tombstones or the more ancient uses. Very interesting article.

As followers of the Prince of Peace and the one who said "blessed are the peacemakers", we should find ourselves working for peace whenever possible, but maybe the symbol should be the dove & olive branch... or better yet, maybe just a regular old right-side-up unbroken cross. :)

Tommy Mann said...

The Picasso dove had long been the symbol of peace, but after 1958 when the ancient symbol re-emerged, it was thought to be easier to draw. Which is true, despite that fact that Picasso couldn't draw.

Scott said...

Good history lesson. Like Bobby I'd heard what the symbol was but not the back story. But why you gotta hate on saving the planet?

Tommy Mann said...

You can try to save the planet if you want to, but Jesus will destroy it anyway. Personally, I like to randomly spray aerosol cans as a pass time. You should try it.

Tommy Mann said...

Bobby, if the cross became the new symbol of peace, it will definitely have come a long way from when Constantine "conquered" in that sign. Does he know your Uncle Carl?