Friday, July 19, 2013

God Bless Texas

The state of Texas has passed an incredible piece of legislation, which, among other things, bans abortions after 20 weeks. The bill also requires abortion “doctors” to have admitting privileges in hospitals, and since they are almost never real doctors, this puts most abortion providers out of work and closes most abortion clinics.

Naturally the pro-abortion minority was upset by this, which is why they threw temper-tantrums for weeks leading up to the vote. Keep in mind that the rallying cry from fans of abortion is that the pro-life movement wants to send us back to the Stone Ages (before we legally murdered our young). With that in mind, here is how Texans planned to disrupt the Senate vote:

On the day of the vote jars of urine and feces and a host of feminine hygiene products were confiscated as women tried to enter the Capitol Building. Police were on the lookout for these items after receiving a tip that they were going to be used to throw at senators on the floor. That’s right. Jars of urine and feces.

What was that they were saying about us trying to send America to the Stone Ages?

Think about it. Adults actually used jars to bottle their own waste, put them in their purses, and planned on throwing them at people who disagreed with them. They have redefined tolerance and classiness.

Speaking of being classy, these women are using their own daughters as voices in the madness. One pre-teen girl was spotted holding a sign that read “Jesus isn’t a D____; so keep Him out of my V_____.” (The actual sign had the blanks filled in) An even younger girl’s sign read “If I wanted the government in my womb I would F*** a senator.”

These females can be as crude as they want to; in fact, nothing is more crude than ripping a baby apart while he is only trying to develop. But somewhere among all the indecency that this side is showing, they have lost their support. Prenatal technology has certainly contributed to the turning tide, as more and more Americans are beginning to understand what we have said all along: these children are very much alive and need to be protected.

So thank you, Texas, for moving us another step closer towards ending the murder of our youngest, most vulnerable citizens. May God bless Texas. 

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Tommy Mann said...

UPDATE: At least 3 abortion clinics have already announced their closings in the State of Texas!