Saturday, August 24, 2013

Robert Griffin III

I was disappointed with Ted Kluck’s biography of Robert Griffin III. It is a Thomas Nelson book, sold in Christian bookstores, and is sub-titled “Athlete. Leader. Believer.” But there was very little Christian content in the book, and the author seemingly praises RG3 for keeping his faith to himself (calling him “a refreshing change from the nonstop evangelism of the Tebow brand”), and the book even contained a curse word.*

I chose this book as a football fan who knows little about RG3 as a person, and after reading it I still know little about the person. It became evident that the author has never spoken to the quarterback, which leaves a biography like this lacking. When talking about Griffin’s decision to play football at Baylor, he says, “We may never know why he chose Baylor.”

I’d bet that we could know if someone asked him. I’d also bet that this information is available if the author did some looking. It’s hard to believe that he would never be asked about how he chose to attend the university that he did.

Beyond that, the writing style was very hard to follow. Awkwardly writing in the present tense when covering past events, Kluck jumped from one topic to another quickly and abruptly. His constant subject changes made me scratch my head and re-read pages trying to figure out what he was talking about.

The author also mentioned Janoris Jenkins as having played for Miami. He actually played for the Gators (unfortunately) before he was expelled and finished his career at North Alabama playing for Terry Bowden.

This was still an interesting read, but if you are looking for a biography about the life of Robert Griffin III you might want to try something else. This book covered his rookie season in detail, but the rest of the book was the author’s opinions about dozens of other players.

*The word was hell used as a curse, and was a quote from a doctor. 

I received this book free from Booksneeze in exchange for my honest review. 

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