Monday, March 10, 2014

Living Proof (Clebe McClary)

In Living Proof, Patrick“Clebe” McClary recounts his time spent serving his country in Vietnam. McClary led recon teams throughout the jungles of ‘Nam, but he was eventually ambushed and nearly killed.

Clebe was hit by a grenade, which threw him in the air and took off his left arm. He continued to fight, and shrapnel eventually claimed his left eye; by the time help arrived Clebe could not move his right arm, and his legs were shredded. A VC officer even shot him to confirm he was dead, but he survived the execution.

After lengthy stays at multiple hospitals and hundreds of surgeries, McClary is now able to use both legs and his right arm again. He wears an eye patch because he didn’t like wearing a glass eye, and he has a hook he sometimes wears for a left arm.

More important to McClary than surviving on the battlefield is the fact that since that time he has come to put his faith in Christ. In his book he acknowledges that had he died in Vietnam, he would be in hell today.

Now God is using Clebe McClary to wage a different kind of war—a spiritual one. Clebe has travelled the world over giving his testimony and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is living proof of what giving your life to God can do.

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