Thursday, May 22, 2014

Did You Catch It? (Google Image Series)

Did you catch how Adam contradicted himself?

He does not believe in God, yet believes in the laws of the universe. How is there a law with no law-giver? If there is a law, who is the judge that enforces it?

Random chance does not create laws. Evolution does not explain any of the laws that govern this universe.

This universe, and the laws that govern it, are all governed by God. It's the only feasible explanation.

Maybe the thought of facing a Judge has Adam Carolla freaked out.

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Anonymous said...

Atheism is the most foolish system of belief for the modern man. In an age that accepts the world was created by the big bang we must look to the obvious. If the world was created in the big bang then that means all the matter in the universe, every atom, has existed for all eternity and could not have been created from nothing. What form that matter has taken is irrelevant, it must have existed for all eternity, without beginning and without end, because matter cannot be created or destroyed.

To believe in the big bang is to believe in the very existence of eternity. In a universe where every atom has existed for all eternity, to deny the all possibility of an eternal being is foolish. We as humans have yet to explore all the mysteries of earth and have just barely explored the close reaches of our solar system. We only understand such an infinitesimally small portion of existence that to claim with the knowledge man has garnered that no God could possibly exist is the same folly as claiming that the world is flat or that the sun orbits the earth. Like these scientists of old, man is making grand claims about God and the laws and structure of the universe with so little understanding of which he speaks.

Being that mankind has not observed but such a small fraction of existence and the concept of eternity is supported by the big bang, the most logical [dis]belief system would be agnosticism. It is wholly possible that an eternal being exists, therefore leaving the possibility for God in the big bang theory.

I myself believe that God created the universe, I simply wished to address the problem with atheism being founded in science.