Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tim Tebow's Message

You’re probably surprised that it took me this long to do it, but I am finally going to blog about one of my favorite people, Tim Tebow. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the 30 second commercial that Tebow will appear in with his mother, Pam, during the Super Bowl. The ad is sponsored by Focus on the Family (who did not put any money into the project).

Naturally, many women’s groups have been upset about the ad, which is a little funny since it has not aired, and only a select group has seen it. There has been no transcript released, except that CBS has said the words “abortion” and “pro-life” do not appear in the ad.

Every fan of abortion pretends that they view their sacred right as a necessary evil, claiming that they want to limit the number of abortions (while making it cheaper, easier, faster, and available to minors without parental consent—you know, all the things that will limit the number of abortions). They want the undecided segment of America to think they only want abortion to remain legal for the cases of rape or incest. (It should be noted that less than 1% of abortions are performed on women who say they were raped, and of those, like Roe herself, many lie about being raped so they will not be judged for their abortion.)

These women’s groups are supposed to be in favor of choice, but it is clear to me that they are only in favor of choosing abortion. Tebow’s commercial is not saying to make abortion illegal, it is saying to choose life. If these women really supported a woman’s right to choose, then they should support the Tebow ad, because keeping a baby is a choice. If they disagree with Pam Tebow’s choice to keep her son, then this confirms that they love abortion. And where is the respect for Pam? These groups say we need to respect women’s choices, but they are showing no respect for this respectful woman.

We have not seen the commercial yet, and sadly, I won’t get to see it on Super Bowl Sunday either. Why? Because the other commercials are so bad that our youth will be turning the TV off during our Super Bowl party. This is why I am sick of hearing people make the lame argument that the Super Bowl is no place for this message. What other ads are going to be aired during the Super Bowl? Coors, Budweiser, Victoria’s Secret, Viagra, Go Daddy, and who knows what else. What a shame that people are getting worked up over something decent interrupting the vile advertising that will be taking place. I think this ad will be a breath of fresh air on TV.

And for all of you that are upset that this commercial does not present the Gospel, please remember two things. #1, The CBS criteria will not allow them to. So what is the solution—not doing anything, or doing their best with what they can do? #2, Because of the controversy, which everyone involved in knew there would be, it is allowing them the opportunity to present the Gospel to millions of people.

For example, when the news does a story on this ad, they show Tebow, who is either preaching in a prison or wearing John 3:16 painted on his face, which has caused more than 93 million people to Google that verse.

So when the liberals of this country want to pick and choose which voices get heard and which ones gets silenced, Tim Tebow has once again found a way to penetrate and score. It is sad that we live in a society that is OK with vulgar commercials because of the right to free speech. These are the same people trying to silence Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other conservative voices under the “Fairness Doctrine,” while allowing CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and every other biased news outlet to report whatever they want.

Tebow could be doing a Super Bowl commercial with Nike, Gatorade, or anything else, but he is putting his career on the line by standing for something. Instead of criticizing him, we should be encouraging him, because frankly, we need more of him.

In Florida, Tim Tebow is a legend.
If Tim Tebow goes into McDonald's and orders a Whopper, he gets one.
Tim Tebow can win Connect 4 in 3 moves.
Chuck Norris wears Tim Tebow pajamas.

There is nothing he cannot do, and he is, perhaps, the greatest college football player of all time. And that has little to do with his football stats.

God, give us more Tim Tebows, people who will take a stand, live for You, and point people to the cross, no matter who they upset in the process.

Go Gators, and Go Tim Tebow!


bmann24 said...

Good article. I found it horrendously hypocritical that people could protest the commercial, citing that CBS would be endorsing the content. Everyone knows these tv stations are just trying to make money, and that anyone willing to pay the enormous fee to purchase a commercial has the right to that piece of airspace.

It is rediculous that some want CBS to pull the ad, while leaving on commercials for all kinds of other things that some may find offensive, in the name of not being offensive

Great article, but I think you forgot to list Fox News under your list of biased news outlets. HAHAHA just messin' with ya!

Tommy Mann said...

What part of interviewing Ann Coulter on a daily basis makes Fox biased? Fox Rox!

Tommy Mann said...

By the way, if someone wants to complain about Super Bowl ads, why don't we complain about the 2.5 million the government spent (I'm sorry, WE spent via our tax dollars)on a Census commercial. Obama can't trim the fat on his record setting budget proposal, but he was able to squeeze a cool 2 1/2 mil out for a pointless ad.

Sarah Stiltz said...

Tommy, I just wanted to add some info that I heard yesterday. There is a local Dallas radio station WBAP and they have a talk show that I listen to-a guy by the name of Mark Davis. (He is on the same radio station as Rush,Hannity and Mark Levin)
Yesterday he interviewed one of the guys at Focus on the family that was talking about this whole story and he mentioned a few interesting things.
First, he mentioned that the commercial is set to air towards the end of the 1st quarter (this helps if you were wanting to tune in just to catch their commercial.)
Secondly, he said they had to re-write the add several times without using the words abortion or pro-life at CBS' request. CBS let them run the commercial but had several stipulations on what words could or could not be used. He mentioned that CBS was at times even a bit difficult to work with because of that.
He also noted that most people who were making a fuss over the commercial had not even seen it (as you commented on above) and that there is absolutely NOTHING in it that anyone should find offensive in the least.
He said once people see the commercial, they will wonder what the fuss was about.
Additionally he said that there were only parts of the Tim Tebow story told due to the 30 second time allotted for their commercial but that the Focus on the family website will be given on the add for anyone who wants to learn more on their story.
I think alot of people will log on to the website just to get more info and who knows how many lives might be eternally changed because this man and his mom decided to take a stand for what is right.
I feel it is a great message for teenagers,both boys and girls. Teenage boys can see a popular athlete who is not afraid to stand up for what is right. Teenage girls or single women who find themselves pregnant may realize that there IS more than one option, it may make them think about what their baby might grow up to do or be if given a chance at life. These things are all positive!
As an adoptive mom to a beautiful son who was supposed to be aborted by his birth mom,I suppose I have experienced this situation firsthand. I am so glad that his birth mother decided to make another choice and give him life so that Danny and I could be his parents.
We believe God was in this situation and picked him out just for us. We are excited daily to watch him play and grow and excited to see what God has in store for his life.We know God put him here with us for a reason.
To think that he might never have been here at all just breaks my heart if I think about it. He truly is Gods greatest gift to us and we are so blessed to be his parents!
I think if one teen girl or woman thinks twice because of this commercial, then it was worth every penny it took to make it. If someone doesn't have the means or even the desire to parent, there are loving families waiting all over the country to open their loving arms to these children through adoption.
I don't think alot of women hear much about these 2 options-resources to help them parent their babies or going through the adoption process. It is said that planned parenthood makes the most money off of abortions so why would they talk to women in depth about other choices? I think this is a very important issue and a very important commercial and I admire the Tebows greatly for what they are doing. Imagine how many other stories like this there are.
In conclusion I want to remind those pro-abortion folks out there that a babies heart can be seen beating at 6 weeks and can be heard at 10-12 weeks, and stopping a heart is taking a life. Thank you to the Tebows for taking on a very controversial yet important issue for people everywhere. God bless you both.

Tommy Mann said...

Thank you for sharing your views and your story of adoption.

I am so glad that you are reminding young ladies that adoption is a great choice, and that there are families out there hoping to be able to add one of these precious ones into their familes (I'm one of them).

And yes, I believe most people will realize that the ad wasn't worth making a fuss about it, but unfortunately, the American Left doesnt really care about being right or wrong, just the perception of it. If they can put a black mark on the Christian Tim Tebow, then they can (in their opinions) damage his message about Jesus, abortion, or anything else. I believe this is only the begining, and these people will remain on Tebow like PETA on Michael Vick, or like "reporters" on Sarah Palin.

But more importantly, I also agree that the Gospel will be shared through the people doing their own research. The commerical will spark curiosity, just like Tebow's Bible verse eye black. He did not manuscript out the words to John 3:16, just the reference; the curiosity caused 93 million people to Google the verse ONE night.

People will Google Tebow and find Bible verses, sermons, quotes, testimonies, and many other things that will point them to Jesus, and only eternity will reveal the true impact of this project.

Tommy Mann said...
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Tommy Mann said...

Well the ad has finally aired, and I must say that EVERYONE who protested it must feel very immature. What a gross over-reaction!

The commercial was as offensive as a Family Circus comic strip. The next thing I did after the watching the commercial on the internet was exactly what it told me to do: visit Focus on the Family's website and hear the whole story.

I know that, while the segment had a lot of good biblical stuff, I will admit that it did not present the Gospel. This is where some Christians will get upset. I would have too, if not for the 2 big icons starring at me, one for the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association, and for the the Tim Tebow Foundation. I visited both websites, which together provide a plan of salvation and sermon podcasts.

Well done, Tebows.

bud said...

Sounds like the 6 degrees of seperation gospel. I know a guy who knows a guy whose step uncle has heard the gospel. Or maybe this....I found a penny with the picture of Abe Lincoln on the front. So I researched Lincoln and turns out his third cousin was a Christian. Just kidding with you Tommy. You are an awesome with a great gift to teach, but I had to respond.....

bud said...

awesome **guy**. Sorry.

Tommy Mann said...


Little known fact: Billy Graham surrendered to preach after researching Abe Lincoln. He then coined the phrase, "Find a penny, pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck."