Monday, October 15, 2012

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day

Last Wednesday I appeared on Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly to talk about Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day. Here is more information on this important day, as well as the interview:

On September 26, 2006, the House of Representatives voted on House Concurrent Resolution #222. This vote gave Congressional support to what is now known as National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day every October 15th.

For years people who suffered through pregnancy and child loss mourned in silence. Many people believed that this was only a private matter never to be discussed in public. Women who miscarried were expected to quickly get on with their lives, no different than getting over a cold.

But in recent years this has changed, thanks in part to October 15th. This effort has helped raise awareness of how common and painful child loss really is. All the science shows us that the life that is forming inside the mother is unique, a living person who is genetically complete with his own DNA and fingerprints. To lose a child in this way is just as damaging as losing any other loved one.

So this October 15th, if you have lost a child, we are inviting you to join people all over the country in lighting a candle at 7:00 PM as we remember our babies.

If you have lost a child and are struggling for answers, then my newest book Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery can help. This book answers the most common questions people have after losing a child, such as:

*When is a baby considered a life?
*Is my baby really in heaven?
*What will my baby look like in heaven?
*Is there an age of accountability?
*Is God punishing me?
*Is adoption really a good alternative to abortion?
*Can I be forgiven for my abortion?

Asleep in Heaven's Nursery can be ordered here.

You can watch the interview here: 

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