Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Steady Fight Against Abortion

When writing about Elijah appointing Elisha to be his successor in 1 Kings 19, Warren Wiersbe made the following statement:

“No one generation can do everything, but each generation must see to it that people in the next generation are called and trained and that the tools are made available for them to continue the work of the Lord[1].” 

No one generation can do everything. Wiersbe is exactly right in that regard, and this applies to many different battles that we might find ourselves in. One battle that I have stayed committed to is over the lives of the unborn.

Some have thrown in the towel. Some have thrown their hands in the air in desperation. “What’s the use? We will never overturn Roe.”

I know that this has been a long, frustrating battle, but we can’t lose heart. I realize that the Supreme Court is not going to rule on this matter again any time soon, but there is more to it than that. Instead of viewing this as an insurmountable challenge, let’s just focus on this generation making a difference. While we work to do what we can, let us also train the next generation to continue the fight once our time is done.

What are some ways that this generation can chip away at abortion? Here are a few:

*Get involved in crisis pregnancy centers. Every day these centers talk scared girls into delivering their children by giving them hope, diapers, and love.

*Write to Congress. Talk to your representatives, and remember they are paid by you to represent you. Tell them to defund Planned Parenthood. Let them know that you and your vote will only support the right to life.

*Vote. Realize that there is more to this than the Supreme Court. Embryonic stem cell research, tax payer funding of abortion, abortion without parental consent for minors, money sent to countries like Mexico for free abortions—these things have all been recent topics in elections.

*Go to school. Your child’s school, that is. Know what they are doing. Let the school board know that you disapprove of nurses and guidance counselors driving girls to abortion clinics without parental consent, that you disapprove of Planned Parenthood being on campus, and that you disapprove of contraception being given to students. If the school board doesn’t care, let them know you will alert the local media. Most people disapprove of abortions for minors without parental knowledge and consent, and the school board members answer to the voters.

*Petition. No, not in the “in-your-face picket sign” way. But people like Abby Johnson and groups like 40 Days for Life have great professional, loving methods of offering prayer to abortion clinic workers. They are constantly seeing people walk away from their jobs and joining the pro-life movement.

*Display something, like the tiny footprints lapel pin. These are great conversation starters and eye-openers.

*Donate money to groups that are fighting the fight the right way, like 180. Your donations can make a big difference.

*Educate yourself. Know how abortions are performed, when they are performed, and just how far along these tiny lives are when they are aborted. Next time someone says, “It’s just a clump of cells,” you can say, “That clump of cells has unique DNA, fingerprints, and a working brain and heart, and it is only 7 weeks old.”

*Pray. That is not just the Christian follow-up point. It is our most powerful weapon. Pray for abortion to come to an end and for the Lord to forgive this nation for the genocide against our most defenseless members.

We also need to focus on smaller ways of gaining back ground, like when President George W. Bush banned partial-birth abortion (that President Clinton signed into law). By pushing legislation that requires the mother to see an ultrasound of her baby before she has an abortion, or that requires the mother be given accurate information about what an abortion actually is, or that only leaves abortion legal in the cases of rape, incest, or the mother’s health, we can win battles without winning the war.

  By doing these things and more, we can reduce the number of abortions, and continue to sway people away from voting for any candidate that is pro-abortion. In so doing, we can leave the next generation in better position to get this atrocity back before the Supreme Court. And if we do our job, the bench will have nine pro-life Justices that were appointed by pro-life Presidents, and they will vote for what the majority of Americans want: to protect the lives of the unborn.  

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[1] Wiersbe, Warren W., Be Responsible, Cook Communications, p.151

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Tommy Mann said...

This article is a case in point. Gov. Perry has done tremendous work in Texas.