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Hitler to Planned Parenthood: Darwin's Disciples

Darwinian evolution has had a great impact on our society, and I am not just referring to the classroom. When Darwin first crafted his theory of evolution, which his writings show was his attempt to get rid of God and hell, he opened the door to a world that puts no value on life.

If mankind is nothing more than some animal, then what is the big deal if one man kills another? Isn’t that what animals do? And does not mankind kill “lower” animals all the time, for both food and sport?

Was Darwin trying to push humanity down this slippery slope that devalues human life? I doubt it. Charles Darwin seems like he was a nice guy, but the tragic death of his daughter, the evolutionary influence of his grandfather, and the thought of his father in hell sent him down his own path. But some of his followers eagerly picked up where Darwin left off. Is Darwin responsible for what his followers do? Not really, but his ideas—his very worldview—helped influence some people to view life as disposable.

Thomas Huxley, known as “Darwin’s Bulldog,” was the aggressive mouthpiece for the mild mannered Darwin. Huxley, while promoting his friend’s theory, wrote that, “No rational man…believes that the negro is equal, still less the superior, of the white man.[1]” Darwin’s theories and his contemporary directly added to racisms and the false notion of white superiority.

Darwin’s own cousin, Francis Galton, wrote a book called Hereditary Genius in which he argued for “judicious marriages.” These marriages are based on pairing two “gifted” people in order to produce a “highly-gifted race of men.” To illustrate his point Galton referred to selective breeding of gifted dogs and horses.

What did Darwin think of these judicious marriages? He wrote his cousin a letter saying, “I do not think I ever in all my life read anything more interesting and original[2].”  

Galton’s marriages, which were influenced by Darwin, influenced another person: Margaret Sanger. Galton wrote about breeding the “favored stock” and forbidding the gifted people from “breeding” with those who were “unfit.” This lesson in eugenics influenced Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood. Sanger introduced the idea of “birth control” so that the unfit did not mix with the gifted people.

Far from “family planning,” Planned Parenthood and birth control were birthed out of the idea of evolving into a superior race.

The IQ Test was also a product of this Darwinian evolution/eugenics movement. The “intelligence quotient” test creator, Lewis Terman, labeled those who scored under 70 as “morons, imbeciles, and idiots.” He said, “If we can preserve our state for a class of people worthy to possess it, we must prevent, as far as possible, the propagation of mental regenerates[3].” 

The IQ Test was created for the very purpose of classifying those “worthy” people who can marry and reproduce, and classifying those “idiots” who could not. Francis Galton directly attributed this to Darwin’s theory, and Darwin never rebutted this point: “The creed of eugenics is founded upon the idea of evolution.”

Ernst Haeckel, who was later exposed as a fraud, introduced evolution in Germany. There he taught that blacks were slightly more evolved apes, and not as important as the European man. He championed a sort of German colonialism, a belief that Germans were superior to everyone else, and all lower humans were expendable. In 1917 Haeckel wrote that non-Europeans were “wild races.” 

Although Adolf Hitler was born seven years after Darwin died, but he was born into a Germany that believed they were the superior race, and all others, especially Jews, were wild imbeciles not worthy of life. In short order Hitler carried out what was the logical conclusion to what Darwin began: the belief that as we evolve lower forms can be weeded out by the “fittest.” And since Darwin did away with God, who is to say that a Holocaust is wrong?

Darwin continues to influence people today. Killing a human life in the womb would never take place, unless of course we have slowly bought into the belief that the “fetus” is an unworthy, lower form of a gifted human. And once again, when we shrug off the existence of God, who is to say that abortion is wrong?

In 1859 Charles Darwin pushed off on a slippery slope of devaluing human life. The farther down the slope we slide, the faster we pick up speed. There will be more of Darwin’s disciples, carrying out the logical conclusion of the mess he started. We must stand firm, deny his flawed theory, and boldly embrace our Bible’s opening sentence, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

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