Monday, February 4, 2013

Famous Frauds in Evolution Part 1: Peppered Moths

I want to spend a few minutes taking a quick look at some of the evidences used to prove evolution. For many of our students, they hear us say that God created the world, but then hear their professors say that science proves evolution. Let’s take a quick look at some of the proof that is used on our students.

The first proof that we will look at comes from this famous picture of two peppered moths juxtaposed on trees:

There are two varieties of peppered moths—light gray and dark gray. And during the Industrial Revolution we are told that factories began to put out a lot of soot and smoke which turned trees a darker gray color. This phenomenon hindered the light gray moths from being able to hide from birds, and birds began to eat them at a faster rate. Over time, there were more of the darker moths than lighter moths. Textbooks use this as a proof for natural selection. 

The problem is that dark gray moths don’t perch on tree trunks; they actually prefer the canopy of trees. It turns out that these photos were staged. Dead moths were glued to the tree trunks just for the pictures.

And even if this were true, it does not prove evolution. Evolution teaches that one species evolves into a new species; these moths are different varieties of the same species.

In case you don’t see how damaging this is to evolution, consider these remarks made by a prominent evolutionary biologist. He referred to this picture as “a prize horse in our stable of examples,” and after learning that it was fake, he compared the feeling to learning “that it was my father and not Santa Claus who brought the presents on Christmas Eve.”

A textbook writer who admittedly used this photo in a textbook when he knew it was fake declared, “the advantage of this example is that it is extremely visual. Later on, students can look at the work critically.[1]

So here is another example of evolutionists lying, fabricating evidence, manipulating students, and all the while claiming to have proof of their theory. If they have so much proof, let the proof speak for itself.

If they have so much proof, why are they gluing dead moths to trees?

(Part 2)

[1] Pearcy, Nancy, Total Truth Crossway, p.161-162

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