Friday, February 8, 2013

Famous Frauds in Evolution Part 4: Embryo Sketches

The final famous fraud that we will look at is Ernst Haeckel’s drawings of embryo development:

Haeckel sketched the development of several species from embryo to adulthood. He traced the development of a salamander, fish, turtle, rabbit, chick, hog, calf, and human. The point of the chart was clear: to prove common ancestry by showing the similarities among each study in the embryonic stage.

How important is this chart to evolution? Charles Darwin, who was a close friend of Haeckel, said the chart was, “by far the strongest single class of facts in favor of” evolution. [1]  

Haeckel’s theory was that human embryos replay each stage of the evolutionary process before becoming human. We now know that his sketches were fake.

Even his peers accused him of fraud. Not only was he a liar, he was wrong. His theory, which he called “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny,” has also been scientifically debunked. And yet his theory is used to justify abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

His sketches also continue to appear in textbooks. Our students are being told that evolution is true, and this is being reinforced by fraudulent, inaccurate sketches.
(Part 3)

[1] Pearcy, Nancy, Total Truth, Crossway, p.163

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