Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More Disturbing News from Abortion Clinics

During the Kermit Gosnell trial I wrote that Gosnell was not alone; that he is not some fringe lunatic making abortion providers look bad. I cited two other recent situations as proof.

That blog was posted before Gosnell was found guilty of 3 counts of murder.

Now I want to draw your attention to Douglas Karpen, who in 1989 actually twisted the head off of a baby using his bare hands. This 28 week old is known as Baby David, and the famous photograph can easily be found on Google.

You might be thinking, “1989? That was 14 years ago!” Exactly. And 14 years later Karpen is still performing abortions in Houston. During that time two women have died in his office, and multiple women have suffered injuries. And recently more complaints have come against him.

Karpen has been violating the new Texas law that requires women to see an ultrasound image of her baby before the abortion. When he does use ultrasound he has “falsified” the results, according to a whistleblower who alerted authorities about the doctor’s practices.

Furthermore, she alleges that Karpen does not sterilize his utensils in between patients, which is a common complaint as these facilities frequently usher in one patient after another to make as much money as possible. The whistleblower has also accused Karpen of cooking the books when billing patients, and for not having trained staff, just like with Gosnell. Also like Gosnell, Karpen has been performing abortions up to 4 weeks past the Texas legal limit of 24.

Then there is LeRoy Carhart in the Omaha, Nebraska area. Carhart was recently accused of failing to have licensed medical staff in his clinic. His only licensed nurse is coming under fire as well. Lindsey Creekmore has been accused of administering “incorrect intravenous dosages of sedatives and a labor-inducing drug” to 11 women in a year’s time.

Carhart also performs abortions in Maryland where a 33-year-old woman died from an abortion that he botched.

These cases further prove the point that abortion is not about women’s rights, but women’s revenue. Untrained staff are cheaper than trained staff; sterilizing equipment takes time and money; babies who survive hurt business. Because money is at the heart of abortion, these providers break all the rules.

And because money is at the heart of abortion, the media ignores all these reports. 


Tommy Mann said...

LeRoy Carhart has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the death of the 33 year old. However, the death certificate said that the cause of death was basically a botched abortion, and the young lady was given an instruction sheet that told her not to go to an ER if she had any problems, but to call the doctor and he would meet her at the clinic.

She died a death that could have been prevented had she quickly gone to an ER. Of course, her death would have been prevented had she never gone in for an abortion.

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