Thursday, May 2, 2013

Plan B Was Plan A All Along

Our country recently took another step towards totalitarianism, once again having one person make a decision that is contrary to what the majority of Americans support.

This latest insult-to-democracy came in the form of Plan B, which is known as the “emergency contraceptive” that is available to women 17 years and older. This pill has only been kept behind locked glass and required a clerk to get it, hopefully after checking I.D. Now the age has been reduced to 15 years, and the drug is being moved to the store shelves, right next to condoms. The plan is to make buying Plan B as easy as buying Aspirin (meaning no parental consent is required).

To the President’s credit, he is contesting part of this controversial ruling. According to the White House there is not yet enough evidence to decide if the drug is “safe and appropriate for younger girls.”

Unfortunately, the ruling is being contested for the wrong reason. The question is not whether it is safe for 15-year-old girls, because we know that it is not safe for the young girls and boys that might be developing inside the 15-year-old girls.

Which brings me to the real issue, and that is abortion. Plan B is not a contraceptive; it is an abortion pill. We need to pay close attention because abortion-supporters have subtly redefined the terms.

Contraceptives are supposed to prevent conception. Science shows us that life begins at conception.

But those in favor of abortion refer to pills that allow conception and then prevent implantation as contraceptives as well. This is just not true.

Plan B is a pill that is taken when a girl believes that she might become pregnant because no contraceptive was used in advance. This means that she is relying on Plan B to prevent the conception from implanting, which is the earliest form of abortion.

Plan B was Plan A all along. Abortion has never been about the health of the mother, and while comments about coat hangers are used to support their cause, the real objective is to make abortion easily accessible to anyone who wants it.

As I have stated before, abortion is big business. Planned Parenthood doesn’t make money by encouraging women to put their baby up for adoption; they make money by savagely ripping the baby limb from limb. They don’t make money by performing mammograms, like they always tell us, because they actually preform no mammograms, but only give referrals. The more abortions, the more money they make.

In order to increase their business, they fundraise and donate to politicians that will help increase their business. They give millions of dollars to totalitarian “public servants” who make unilateral decisions to make abortion quick and easy, and if taxpayers can pick up the tab, that is an added bonus.

We need to see this for what it is, and that is money-hungry people who will literally kill for a few more dollars. Abortion is their Plan A, and now they are using Plan B to do it.  

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