Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Secret Life of the American Teenager

I want to let you know about a TV show your kids may be watching. But before I begin let me give a disclaimer. Some of you might get annoyed when I “tell you what you can and cannot watch.” If that is you then please never mind this. This is written to those parents who don’t want their children watching anything ungodly.

The show is called Secret Life of the American Teenager, and it comes on ABC Family Channel (whose slogan is “A new kind of family”). To call this show awful would be a compliment.

The show follows the lives of several teenagers in their high school, and most of the characters are just 16. One of those 16 year olds has a toddler and one is currently pregnant. There is a guy on the show who is known for being “the bad boy” who has slept with almost every girl in the school. The parents speak bluntly to their children about the kids’ sex lives, but only as a means of keeping up, not for the sake of putting a stop to it. And how could they? The parents are all divorced due to affairs among them.

But beyond the fact that this show is terrible in content is the idea behind it. The word sex is used about every minute, and it is done in such a way that it makes the viewer believe that this is just the normal way of life. And I don’t believe that it is any coincidence that commercials for birth control are played during every break.

Can I be blunt with you as to how bad our society is? It goes deeper than inappropriate content of TV. Our nation’s largest providers of abortion are also the largest supports of sexual education over abstinence education. Why? Because they know that the more often young people hear about sexual things, the more curious they will become, which will lead to experimentation. They know that more experimentation will actually lead to more pregnancy among teens, not less, and those pregnancies most often end in abortion.

And who pays for abortions for students? Not mom and dad. These usually come from tax payer funding to groups like Planned Parenthood. The more abortions they perform, the more tax payer dollars they get from Congress. That is why these groups are big Liberal fundraisers—they help pay to get them in office, and the Libs  return the favor once in office by giving more revenue to these companies. That is why you might hear talk of making abortion free to 16 years olds who don’t even need parental consent. More abortions=more money in a sadistic cycle.

So a TV show like Secret Life makes the baby making look fun while the baby raising is difficult. The message is simple: have fun, get pregnant, have an abortion, and the cycle continues.

Think TV is just a harmless pastime? Think again. The devil, who is the ruler of this world, has waged war against us, and the TV has become one of his favorite weapons. Be sober, be vigilant, because he is seeking who he may devour.

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Fool4Christ said...

Amen! Thanks for speaking the truth about this filth! Jesus come quickly!

Tommy Mann said...

lol, Thank you! Glad you found my blog!