Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who is God? Books

In July of 2010 I released my 2nd book Who is God?, and then in December there was a follow up book called Who is God? Book 2. Those books were for sale for $10 each, but now they are discontinued.

There is now a 2nd addition release of Who is God?, which is both books combined together. If you are not already familiar with this book, here is the pitch:

People don't know who God is anymore. That sad truth is what led to this book. Who is God? shows some of things that make the God of the Bible unique from the gods of other religions.
Who is God? shows the reader that God is sovereign, love, wrath, wise, eternal and immutable, and jealous. Part 2 of this book introduces the reader to God the Comforter, Deliverer, Justifier, Counselor, Rewarder, and Creator.

This 2nd edition book is still just $10, and is available at or by clicking the Shop tab on this blog. When you order the paperback you will also get a PDF download of the discussion questions that turns this book into a discipleship course.

You can also buy Who is God? Book 2 there for just $1 (plus shipping). They will stay at that price until they are gone.   

(For more info, you can read these articles from The Baptist Courier and, to see the worst picture ever, The Union Daily Times)

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