Monday, March 4, 2013

Never Again! (Google Image Series)

This pro-abortion activist is right; we never need to return to the days of using coat hangers for home or back alley abortions.

Of course, she is going at it from the angle of keeping abortion "safe." But how safe is it for the baby?

If the murder weapon is a hanger or a scalpel, what difference does that make to the baby?

A doctor dismembers the baby limb from limb, then eventually decapitates him, and we celebrate that this is an improvement from a coat hanger? As if one method is less barbaric?

I agree with this woman. Never again. Never savagely murder another child growing in the womb.


Mitchel Gainey said...

Murder is murder.
Activists protest the death penalty for convicted
criminals, the mistreatment or death of an
abused animal. But many countries in this
world approve of the barbaric murder of a
human life while still in a mothers womb.
Where are the tears for these babies? I thank
God that there are some that do raise their
voices against Infanticide.
There will be an accounting.

Tommy Mann said...

I feel your frustration Mitchel. I know there are many tears shed for these babies, and we will continue to the fight.