Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Famous Frauds in Homosexual Science Part 2: Twin Studies

A second piece of shoddy science has been heralded as proving people are born gay. This time, instead of cadavers, living twins were studied. This study compared male identical twins to male fraternal twins; in each set of twins, at least one man was homosexual.

22% of the fraternal twins showed both brothers to be gay, compared to 52% of the identical twins. Since identical twins are closer genetically than fraternal twins, this study claimed that genetics play in to homosexuality, or that people are born gay.

But an obvious question that arose from this study is, why did 48% of the identical twins only have one gay brother? If they are so close genetically, then 100% of the identical twins should have two gay brothers. This study does more harm than good to the argument from genetics.

There are other factors to be considered. One is that the men doing the study (Richard Pillard and Michael Bailey) could have intentionally picked fraternal twins that they knew only had one gay brother to help their percentages; all scientists have a bias, and these men were gay activists, so their motives cannot be subtracted from the conversation.

Another factor is that the identical twins were all raised in the same house. If they studied identical twins separated at birth and found 52% of them to each be gay, that would be remarkable, but to find ones from the same household is not. It has been long believed that things factor into a person choosing to be gay, like no father in the home, abuse, or failed relationships, so two boys being raised in the same environment would be subjected to similar factors. This in no way proves genetics.

Finally, like LeVay’s research, this study has never been replicated. In fact, in an attempt to, the British Journal of Psychiatry found different results in that only 20% of the identical twins were both gay, and their conclusion was that genetic factors were not enough to prove that people are born gay.

So once again, when people cite that twin studies have shown that homosexuality is genetic, they are either misinformed or being untruthful. There is no science to show that people are born gay.    

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(For more information on the topic of homosexuality and the Bible, I highly recommend The Gay Gospel? by Joe Dallas)

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