Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Famous Frauds in Homosexual Science Part 1: Simon LeVay

I recently wrote a 4 part series on famous frauds inevolution, so I thought a good follow up would be to chronicle a few fraudulent studies that seek to validate homosexuality as being natural.

While scientists have been cheating on their science fair projects to prove Darwinism for more than a century and half, this is a fairly new concept when it comes to homosexuality; therefore, this will only be a two-part series.

In 1991, a neuroscientist (Salk Institute of La Jolla, California) named Simon LeVay conducted an experiment on the brains of 41 deceased people. 19 of these were identified as homosexual men, 16 were heterosexual men, and 6 were heterosexual women. 

The study was to examine a group of neurons in the hypothalamus structure (INAH3), and he found that this region was larger in the heterosexuals he examined. His conclusion, then, was that homosexuality is inborn, meaning people are either born as gay or straight.

This study was published in Science magazine, and became instantly popular. Even today, more than two decades later, it is cited as “the proof” that people are born gay. If people are born gay, they say, then God must have made them that way, and it must not be wrong. 

But one glaring problem in this study is that there is no overwhelming evidence. For example, the conclusion leads the reader to believe that all heterosexuals had larger INAH3 regions than their homosexual counterparts, but that is not true. Three of the heterosexuals had smaller regions than the homosexuals, and likewise three of the homosexuals had larger regions than the heterosexuals. This means that 17% of LeVay’s study contradicts his conclusion, and when one considers that he only looked at 41 brains, 17% is a pretty large number.

Furthermore, as is the case with most neuroscience, one cannot know if brain change is the cause of behavior or is caused by behavior. To look at a cadaver’s brain and conclude that a small region must have made him gay is a jump in science; we don’t know if he was gay because he was born with a small INAH3, or if his INAH3 shrunk because he was gay. (in the same way, we don’t know if depression is caused by chemical change, or if chemical change causes depression)

What we do know is that lifestyle habits affect the neurons in the brain, so it is entirely possible that the majority of his homosexual cadavers’ brains shrunk due to living as gay men, and were not like that from birth.

Also of interest is the fact that scientists do not even agree on how to measure the INAH3. It is a very small region, and there is debate as to whether to measure it by size or by number of neurons. For this reason, many scientists rejected LeVay’s work, and his study has yet to be replicated and bare similar results.

But beyond the science, the most overwhelming piece of evidence against LeVay is the fact that he did not know if the brains belonged to gay or straight people. All he could go by were their case studies, and 19 of them were admittedly gay. If their studies did not mention their being homosexual, then he labeled them as heterosexual, which means he is accepting a lot of guesswork. In fact, 6 of the 16 “heterosexual male” brains came from people who died of AIDS, which, in 1991, shows a greater increase of homosexual activity among them.

For this research to be cited as proof that God creates people as homosexuals from birth is quite a stretch. If you find yourself in a conversation where someone says that God made them (or anyone else) gay, ask them to prove it. If this is the study they refer to, politely show them the poor scientific work that went into producing these results.

Don’t accept fraudulent science; no one has proven that God creates people gay from birth. 

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Anonymous said...

you are a fraud. I've studied the literature and you are a liar for jesus. and probably bisexual.

Tommy Mann said...

If you have studied the literature I'm sure you wouldn't mind stating what lies I have told and what makes me bisexual.