Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Power Bible

I had the opportunity to review two volumes of The Power Bible by Green Egg Media. There are ten volumes in all, and I got to check out one volume from each Testament.

This Bible is a unique take on children’s Bibles, using comic book format and bright animation. As most children’s Bibles, it is not a verse-by-verse Bible, but more of a story format.

The Power Bible reminded me of some of the comic books I read as a kid. It utilizes text boxes for narration, saying things like, “Meanwhile…” to keep the story moving. My five year old daughter has enjoyed looking through it and following along as we read it to her.

This is a creative way to get children to read the Bible, and I tip my hat to The Power Bible’s creators.

Visit Green Egg Media to learn more about The Power Bible or to purchase it for yourself. 

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