Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why Hobby Lobby Matters

On Monday the Supreme Court handed down a 5-4 decision in favor of Hobby Lobby, the Plaintiff in a suit filed against The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Some might wonder why this matters. This is more than a Republican vs. Democrat issue. Hobby Lobby challenged the Contraception Mandate in Obamacare, which required employers to provide birth control to their employees. 

The reason so many Americans don't understand Hobby Lobby's position is they don't understand contraceptives. 

The word contraceptive means to prevent conception. A separate form of birth control, known as abortafacients, allow conception and then kill the fertilized egg. In essence, these pills intentionally cause abortions.

After the Supreme Court ruling the Left immediately resorted to their "War on Women" mantra, saying Hobby Lobby is oppressing women and sending them back to the Stone Age.

So now, some facts.

*Hobby Lobby provides 16 different contraceptives to their employees, while refusing to pay for four abortafacients. This has been their policy for years, so they are not sending anyone back to the Stone Age. Female employees did not lose any benefits after the Supreme Court decision.

*Far from being a War on Women, Hobby Lobby provided these benefits long before Obamacare forced them to.

*The cry that women won't have access to birth control is obviously false. If women want abortion-inducing pills, they can pay for them. If they want birth control, they can have it.

*This ruling also means that Hobby Lobby will stay open. The store's owning family said they would close their business before they paid for abortions; the other alternative was to pay a heavy "tax" for failing to comply. Now Americans can continue to buy awesome stuff at discount prices.

*Other businesses can follow suit. Whether it's Notre Dame or The Baptist Hospital, faith-based organizations are freed from the tyranny of funding abortions for their employees.

*A precedent has been set. Once the High Court votes on an issue, they typically refuse to try similar cases, instead pointing back to previous decisions. This will help to ensure that the contraception mandate remains unconstitutional. 

*Religious liberty wins. In a country where liberals will fight to call the grossest actions free speech, they also fight to strip the free exercise of religion. On Monday the Supreme Court reminded Americans that their right "shall not be infringed." 

While it is scary that four justices voted in favor of this mandate, we can celebrate that our First Amendment right was upheld. 

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