Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All Pro Dad

The book All Pro Dad by Mark Merrill contains “seven essentials to be a hero to your kids.” Published by Thomas Nelson, this book has eight chapters, as well as a conclusion and appendix.

The seven essentials in this book are what Merrill refers to as the 7 Ms. They are makeup, mindset, motive, method, model, message, and master. Each chapter poses a question for the reader:

Makeup—Who am I?
Mindset—What’s my purpose?
Motive—Why do I do what I do?
Method—How can I better love my family?
Model—What should I model to my children?
Message—What do I need to share with others?
Master—Who or what am I living for?

Merrill’s conclusions are the result of the research he has done, which includes on the job training from being a husband of more than two decades and a father of five children. Aside from sharing wisdom he has picked up through trial and error, he also shares insight that he has gleaned from interviews.

In this book Merrill shares excerpts from interviews he has conducted with men like Super Bowl winning coach of the Indianapolis Colts Tony Dungy, Former governor of Florida Jeb Bush, Chick-fil-A founder and CEO S. Truett Cathy, NFL broadcaster for CBS James “JB” Brown, and Grammy-Award winning Christian recording artist Michael W. Smith.

I really enjoyed reading this book, and I would highly recommend it to any husband and father. The book is available from the author's website,

(I got this book free through Book Sneeze)

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