Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Mother's Day and I'm Not a Mom!

Our country celebrates moms every May, and rightfully so, for our mothers have done so much for us. But with all the roses, cards, and “Happy Mother’s Days,” there are some who are left out.

First, there are the ones who have lost their mothers. As time helps to heal the wounds, Mother’s Day can become a great time of reflecting back on the mothers that has passed on, but there is still a sorrow that is begging to be comforted. This is especially true for children or those who have recently lost their mother. We need to remember them and give them extra, but not awkward, support on Mother’s Day.

The other group that is generally left out on Mother’s Day is those ladies who have not been blessed with children of their own. Whether through infertility or child loss, there are millions of women in this country that won’t have a child to tell them Happy Mother’s Day.

If that is you or someone you love, there is still a special way that you can celebrate Mother’s Day. If you have lost a child, no matter how far along, even right at conception, then know that your child is alive and well in heaven. The fact that you have a child still makes you a mother.

So on Mother’s Day, take time to reflect on the child who is in heaven, and if you are a Christian, thank God that you will have eternity to spend with the child that left too soon.  

(Not sure if your child is really in heaven? Click here to read about more.)
(Want to send a special card or book to a mother whose only baby is in heaven? Click here.)

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