Monday, April 1, 2013

Candy Card--A Sweet Way to Witness

I’ll be the first to admit that sharing your faith can be hard; that’s why I developed these candy card tracts. You don’t have to say much because these little cards and your quick act of kindness do most of the talking.

The average person isn’t going to read a tract that they find, but they will read one if you talk to them first. These cards are designed for you to say a few quick words, but you earn their interest because of the candy.

Here’s how it works: when you are checking out at a grocery store, gas station, or other place where candy is sold at a register, ask the cashier what is the best kind of candy they sell. Since that question is purely subjective, they will tell you their personal favorite.

Most people say, “Well my favorite is…”

Perfect. Grab whatever they recommend and pay for it. When the transaction is complete, hand them the candy bar and the candy card, and say something like, “Here you go; have a great day.”

This business card-sized card says:

Hi, I know you are busy, but I wanted to give you a little gift to say that I appreciate what you do. Jesus also offers you a free gift—a new life with Him. The Bible says we all have sinned, and that separates us from God, but if you are willing to change your life and make Jesus your Lord, He will save you. Questions? Please turn this card over to find out how to contact me. Have a great day!

On the back of the card you can write your name and number, or the name and number of your local church.

This simple act will cost you about a dollar, but it is worth far more than that. For a person who might not know Jesus or who thinks Christians are mean-spirited and hateful, this little act can quickly transform their thinking.

They might not get saved, but this can plant a seed so that next time someone gives them the Gospel, they might be more receptive to it when they remember your act of sweetness.

These cards are available here

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