Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mother's Day Card

With Mother's Day approaching, you might want to consider this unique card.

Some mothers' only children are in heaven, and Mother's Day leaves them feeling left out and inadequate. This card reminds them that they are loved, and it might be the only Mother's Day they will ever receive.

Some mothers have children on earth and in heaven; they will cherish the card from their children, but I can promise you they still think about their child in heaven. This card will complete her Mother's Day since she will be honored by all her children.

The card says:

"You had plans for me that didn't work out, 
You had dreams that didn't come true; 
I know you love me without a doubt 
Because you cried when I left you.

Now I'm asleep in heaven's nursery, 
But there's something I want to say. 
Even if no one else will tell you, 
Happy Mothers Day."

These cards are only a dollar, or they are free with the purchase of Asleep in Heaven's Nursery in any format (now through Mother's Day). Offer only valid here.

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