Thursday, November 7, 2013

Secrets of Dynamic Communication

Ken Davis is a best-selling author and speaker, and in his new book he shares some of the tips that have made him one of the nation’s best at giving talks.

Davis developed the SCORRE method, which he teaches at his conferences. This method is unfolded throughout the pages of Secrets of Dynamic Communication, and the author gives the reader the confidence to “prepare with focus, deliver with clarity, and speak with power.”

If you desire to improve upon your public speaking skills, then this book is a must read. I put the SCORRE method into use when writing a recent sermon, and I was amazed at how Davis’ pointers added to the message.

Ken Davis is naturally funny, and he is able to do what I often say is very difficult, and that is making humor work through the written word. Davis admits that much of humor depends upon timing, facial expressions, gestures, and voice inflection, but this book is funny without any of those elements. Davis teaches the reader how to use humor in public speaking.

This book will give you confidence in yourself, and it will also show you things to work on. For example, are you a pocket lover (someone who keeps hands in pockets while on stage) or a prisoner (someone who keeps their fingers interlocked at waist level)? Are you a sweeper (someone who scans the room quickly but never makes eye contact) or a bird watcher (someone who looks at objects on the wall instead of people)?

This book will walk the reader through the whole process of public speaking, from the first thoughts about your topic until the delivery of the message. With Ken Davis’ help, you too can be a dynamic communicator.

I received this book free from Booksneeze in exchange for an honest review. 

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