Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cornelia "Nina" Pillard

The Senate will vote this week on President Obama’s appointment to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Members of the pro-life community have labeled this nominee “the most liberal judicial appointment ever.” Ms. Pillard is staunchly pro-abortion and anti-abstinence education, and she is close to receiving a lifetime job on the second most powerful bench in the world.

Here are some of her more radical comments:

Nina Pillard seems to hate the idea of pregnancy itself, as she has suggested that pregnancy can make women “a class of presumptive breeders rather than reliable breadwinners and citizens.” She said that people who are “anti-choice” (pro-life) are guilty of “sex discrimination.”

She maintains that abortion should be legal because the Constitution “declares our liberty to protect our own life and health.” That is a horrible understanding of the Constitution, which is why she does not need the power to interpret the Constitution as a judge. That document never grants the power to kill a baby in order to maintain one’s own “pursuit of happiness.”

Abortion, she says, helps to free “women from historically routine conscription into maternity.” Pillard must think that man’s chief goal is to draft women into becoming baby makers; her gross mischaracterization of men could actually be labeled as “sex discrimination.”

She has also denied the reality of ultrasound technology in showing the early development of the unborn. She referred to this evidence as “deceptive images of fetuses-as-autonomous beings.” Is this a person we want on the bench? She is either that ignorant of simple science or else she is dishonest about the results.

On the issue of abstinence education Pillard is equally extreme and irresponsible. She said she would declare abstinence education as unconstitutional because curriculum is “permeated with stereotyped messages” (which is a stereotyped message). She obviously believes that abstinence education does not work, which is further proof that she is not fit for her potential position. As chairmen of Union County’s Comprehensive Health Committee, I have previously posted how well abstinence education has improved our area.

If you are concerned that someone this radical might be approved for a lifetime appointment, then contact your Senators ASAP and urge them to vote against the confirmation of Cornelia Pillard.

Let this also serve as another reminder that elections have consequences. I often hear that Roe v. Wade is the law and a President cannot change that. That is true, but these appointments show the power that each President has, so make sure that your vote is always for someone who will protect life in the womb.

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