Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Years at Philippi

Today, January 25th, 2013, marks the fifth anniversary of the day I was hired at Philippi Baptist Church. I wanted to take a quick minute to reflect back over how my life has changed in these few short years.

For starters, I’m obviously older and about 65 pounds heavier than that skinny kid who arrived here on his 23rd birthday. I’ve become more country, buying my first camo, gun, chainsaw, goat, truck, and “building,” and frequently burning our trash in the fire pit.

My family has grown by over 1,000 as the people of Philippi have welcomed us into their large home and hearts. They have fed us (usually too much, with an emphasis on dessert), loved us, prayed for us, and trusted our leadership with their most precious members—their children.

My biological family has also increased. I moved here with Alicia; today it is Alicia and Reagan. That is amazing considering the stark reality that having children was thought to be unlikely.

While here my wife was diagnosed with a degenerative kidney disease, but it was also here that a member of our Philippi family chose to give her one of his kidneys.

I’ve also had the privilege of working for and with the man who I consider to be the best pastor in America, and working with two other pastors who are the best at what they do.

While Alicia and I have both missed being away from our families and where we grew up, Union has become the city we call home. We thank the Lord for where He has brought us, and while we don’t know what all is in store for our future, we are very happy in the present. So thank you to everyone who has been a part of these last 5 years with us, and we hope that the next five years will bring more blessings.

And just for the record, South Carolina has changed me in many ways, but it will always be “great to be a Florida Gator!”     


Scott said...

For those of us who knew you before, South Carolina has definitely changed your accent. No longer can you make fun of the way I tawk...

Tommy Mann said...

That's truuue Scott. We sound like y'all do over they-re.