Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best Books List of 2012

For those of you who like to read, here are some of the best books I read in 2012:

All Pro Dad by Mark Merrill
This is a great book for dads and young men.

By This Name by John R. Cross
This book teaches the art of chronological evangelism, beginning with Moses.

The title is obvious, and this book gives a well-rounded overview of prophecy.

Grace by Max Lucado
Again, an obvious title, but grace is something we all need to keep in our minds.

Twelve UnlikelyHeroes by John MacArthur
A look at 12 people in the Bible who did great things.

Voddie Baucham’s 3 books, Family Driven Faith, Family Shepherds, and The Ever-Loving Truth
Three great books for parents, especially dads, that focus on instilling a Christian worldview in your children.

Esther or Delilah by Angela DeSouza
A great book for girls and young ladies. What are you using your beauty for?

Real-Life Discipleship by Jim Putman
An entertaining look at the discipleship process that led Putman’s church to 8,000.

Truth Sticks by Avery T. Willis
This book gives good, practical advice to preachers and teachers on how to make the truth of their messages stick.

Can a Smart Person Believe in God? by Michael Guillen
Is science for the intelligent and religion for the weak? Guillen proves how wrong that question is.

Evidence for Creation by Tom DeRosa
Evidence for Creation.

Evolution’s Fatal Fruit by Tom DeRosa
This book debunks Darwin at every turn.

Deceived on Purpose by Warren Smith
An insightful look into the scary world of Rick Warren and The Purpose Driven Life.
The Ishbane Conspiracy and Lord Foulgrin’s Letters by Randy Alcorn
Two fiction books that put a 21st Century spin on C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters.

Prolife Answers to Prochoice Questions by Randy Alcorn
Simply the best book on the topic.

Unplanned by Abby Johnson
Former Planned Parenthood director sees the light, becomes a Christian prolife voice.

Skeptics Answered by Dr. James Kennedy
The answer to every question you have struggled with.

I think everyone can benefit from reading any of these books. If you are not a reader, why not give one a try? Make a New Year’s resolution to read at least one book in 2013. You just might find out that you like reading more than you thought. 

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