Friday, January 11, 2013

Family Guy: The Guy Who Destroys the Family

(Originally written 7/22/11)

I recently wrote about the show Secret Life, and now I have decided to write about the show Family Guy. I am frequently asked about the content of this show, so I wanted to share a little bit about what I know.

This show was actually cancelled in 2002 because of its crude, offensive content. Sadly, popular demand brought the show back. High DVD sales and ratings of reruns led to a rebirth of the show, which is ranked #1 among 12-34 year old viewers.

The show follows the life of the family guy, Peter Griffin. Among the other characters are the talking family dog and the incredibly inappropriate baby Stewie. This show routinely mocks God and Jesus, frequently depicting them hanging out in bars to meet girls, even trying to impress them with their deity powers.

One episode charted Meg’s (Peter’s daughter) conversion to Christianity. This episode showed Christians to be ignorant, which was evidenced by the church book burning of the mythical book called First Grade Logic (the joke here would be that simple 1st grade logic refutes Christianity, and therefore Christians must burn these books). Meg then outs her friend for being an atheist so that he can be stoned to death; this friend later talks her back out of the faith by pointing out that if God were real, He would not have made her so ugly.

The language on this show goes beyond being offensive. Part of the draw of the show is the shock value, where characters continue to say things that should not be said on T.V. (or anywhere, for that matter). The show constantly makes references to pornography and graphic sexual terminology, including statutory rape and bestiality. The baby Stewie often plots to murder his own mother.  

The purpose of this note is not to shock people; I have tried to give a glimpse into what takes place on the show without actually typing those crude words they so often use. Instead of continuing to list offenses with this show, I will stop and hope that the point is clear.

I am not trying to engage in a debate on whether or not a Christian should watch garbage like this. The Bible is clear on almost every page that we should put nothing evil before our eyes, not lust, not condone immorality, etc. If anyone does any arguing here, it is the person trying to manipulate the Bible or abuse grace and give themselves the license to sin.

So instead of asking yourself if you can watch the show, why not ask yourself why you would watch the show? Why would you watch a show that found its niche as the show that depicts our crucified Savior as a bar hopping womanizer like He is Charlie Sheen, or that relies on perversion to gain viewership?

There are things that confuse me in Christianity, like how God could love me, or how blood can forgive sin. But more confusing than that is when I get on some Facebook pages and see someone’s info page say religious view: Christian. Shows: Family Guy.

How is it even possible to call yourself a Christian and watch such an unchristian show? That is like calling yourself a vegetarian as you sink your teeth into an all-beef patty.

Parents, I hope that you pay attention to what your children are watching. Equally as important, know that they are paying attention to what you are watching. “Do as I say, not as I do” does not work. The only way that you have the moral authority to prevent your children from watching trash like this is by making sure you aren’t watching it yourself.

This show is another classic case of Hollywood trying to destroy the family. Don’t let your family fall prey to the Family Guy. 

Family Guy's many depictions of Jesus

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